Friday, June 26, 2020

Thinking Positive and Planning Ahead

I have begun planning for the future, a time of a new normal allowing hub and I to venture outside our cocoon into an ever-widening world. Maybe it’s the season or perhaps the sun has gotten to my head, but I need a change of scenery. Planning ahead lets the optimist I am prevail over the atmosphere we currently plough through – increasing coronavirus numbers in too many states, limited contact with other humans, restrictions in our everyday lives. But slowly we emerge...

I got my hair colored and cut! Not normally a major accomplishment or worthy of note, but after over four months of neglect my mane needed professional attention. Now I can leave the house without wearing a hat to cover the mess.

I ventured inside neighborhood stores – the grocery store, and a gift shop for - what else – gifts!

But most important are future plans...

We made plans to see our son and his family on Cape Cod in August. We haven’t seen the Vermont grandkids since February. A few extra days lounging in the pristine New England countryside would be nice, but no specific plans yet. Suggestions welcome!

Our Florida granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah, originally scheduled for April 2020, was rescheduled for October, 2020. That date was beginning to look less promising as Florida covid-19 numbers soar. So the event is postponed once again, this time on the calendar for April 2021. Hopefully it will be safe to travel and gather in groups next spring.

And on the topic of travel during the pandemic... Advisories suggest driving is a safer means of travel than flying. I am not ready to board a plane, and probably will not until a vaccine guarantees a safe, virus-free trip.

Mentioning (once again) Florida...I live in a community of snowbirds and retirees, many with Florida connections. People travel along the East coast all the time, visiting family, on vacation, staying in the Sunshine State over a weekend, a week, a month or an entire season. Florida folks visit the Jersey shore all the time for the same reason. As a result the mix of Jersey/Florida folks is constant. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut placed a 14-day quarantine on anyone arriving from states where covid-19 numbers are on the rise – Florida, Texas, Arizona, and others. I wonder if folks will self-quarantine. It is a concern for those of us beginning to feel safe in a region of decreasing numbers.

Meanwhile...e-mail and ‘real’ paper travel brochures arrive in my mailbox almost daily, and I peruse them for ideas. Where do I want to roam? Number one priority is anyplace safe, but after that I am open to going...anywhere.


  1. We're facing the same choice: fly or drive. Driving seems to be the safer route, even if you have to spend a night in a hotel.

  2. I wouldn't get on a plane right now for anything. But I know people who would, and do. It's pretty scary traveling anywhere, because where can you go to be safe?

  3. I look like a skunk right now as I haven't had my hair colored since the beginning of March. I managed to cut my bangs but that's all I'm capable of doing with my hair. We are still wearing masks everywhere which makes shopping in stores no fun. Thank goodness it's easy to shop online but it would be nice to see other people now and then.

  4. I live in waashington state we cannot go outside without masks and travelling by plane is pretty dangerous now..The covid started badly in Kirkland washington & the governor closed schools and most businesses are closed only for curbside pickup..You are very brave to travel anyplace as Dr. Faci states the pandemic is going to go on and on until the vaccine is found..Please take lots of precautions because the covid is still here and growing massively in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. No planes in forseeable future. That means local trips,to mining towns, place up in the Northern woods from where I live,and maybe California. When?? Who knows..... Not yet.Arizona is a hot bed of Covid and we’re pretty much sheltering in place.Back to instacart grocery deliveries. Trying to weather the storm.