Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Promise of a New Season

The calendar indicated spring arrived weeks ago, but most days the weather did not cooperate. Finally, one day just before the calendar rolled to the merry month of May, the promise of a new season emerged. On my daily walk I observed landscapers weeding and mulching around trimmed bushes and recently planted purple and yellow pansies. Tulips, red and white, reached for the sun. Deep green shoots outnumbered brown stubbles that hung on, the last vestiges of winter. Handmade rainbows taped to the windows of homes brightened facades. Everything seemed normal. Except the rainbows. Rainbows are a 2020 enhancement, the promise of better times after the Covid 19 pandemic.

As I walk the sky clouds over, and white billows become increasingly gray and menacing. The sun disappears and a chill seeps through my body. I pick up my step. I do not want to be caught in a rainstorm. My days of running are long past, and although I could push myself I worry about tripping and falling, a memory of a mishap years ago reminding me – slow down!

It was nine years ago that, walking fast because I was late for a class, I fell flat on my face. Walking fast in Crocs, almost running, is not recommended. As I pushed myself up off the sidewalk, I felt a liquid trickle down my cheek. Over the next few hours my face swelled, my eyes looked like I was punched in the face and my nose turned shades of red, purple and blue. I was sore but fine...

Except the following day was my niece’s baby shower. As friends and relatives oohed and aahed over lunch and baby gifts, I implored folks eager to snap the event for posterity not to take my picture. But of course there remains a permanent record of my clumsiness.

If I fell on this walk and bruised myself, it would not matter. I have no place to go and no one will see me. No one will take my picture, unless my husband surreptiously takes a picture while I sleep. The spring of 2020 is different from any spring experienced in my life – no travel, no family events, no theater or restaurant reservations, no face-to-face classes, no annoying crowds or long lines anyplace. I survive well, better than most people probably, for I am an introvert. However I look forward to restarting life free from the nagging question, is it safe to go...anywhere? Like the promise of a new season, l look forward to moving on.

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