Saturday, May 23, 2020

Summer Begins and My Little Free Library Opens

It is Saturday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend. I am sitting on my front porch watching the world go by. There is, surprisingly, a lot of activity, especially when considering the pandemic still with us. It rained all morning and was supposed to rain all day, but the weather gods and the holiday gods consulted and thought better of confining folks inside another day. So the sun emerged and people ventured out...

Bikers, walkers, runners, kids and adults. Dog walkers, shoppers, beach goers. Folks from far and near converged on my beach town this weekend.

Summer officially begins.
Masks strongly recommended in my town.
Hub and I err on the side of caution, not going far or mingling. We maintain social distance and wear masks when venturing out. Which we did – venture out - Friday morning. Our town’s Farmer’s Market opened for the season, 19 stands spaced out in a church parking lot. Masks required. A socially distanced-spaced line formed around the block as only a limited number of people were allowed in at a time. Hub and I are market volunteers, and we staffed the line. As folks left we permitted the same number to enter. For many it was the first time among a group of people of any size in weeks. Almost everyone behaved. Only one man angrily questioned the mask rule and the line. (Why can’t I go in now?) He said he wasn’t coming back. Good! 

The big event in the life of hub and me this weekend is the opening of our Little Free Librarya ‘take a book, return a book’ free book exchange, although a book can be taken without replacing it with another. Anyone may take a book or bring a book to share.

Our library has been ready for weeks, sitting on the porch, but we were reluctant to place it in front of the house, stock it and open because of the pandemic. Across the country many Little Free Libraries closed but others remained open. We decided to delay. But we felt now might be the time to open. 

There is one shelf of books, mostly children and young adult titles but adult novels too. I placed two small bottles of hand sanitizer inside. No announcement or advertising. Researching Little Free Libraries online, some owners are very involved in promoting their library. Initially I am doing nothing. I will place a picture on my Facebook page and eventually mention it on the Nextdoor app. Baby steps to start. I can’t wait to see the interest our library generates.
Our Little Free Library


  1. Happy Memorial Weekend, Tabor!

  2. We have had those little boxes around. There was one in the Bryn Mawr inbound station house, and also one in the Whitford inbound house. It was very nice to pick up something to read. I would save books to donate to both places. Alas, when I retired and didn't take the R5 (Yes, I know it's not called the R5 these days) to work my donations stopped. Well, donations went to the local library.
    P.S. I have asked you to please lighten the color of your comment's almost impossible to read. Wonder if anyone else feels that way...?

  3. Some of our little libraries have removed the books and put in food items for people to take who are hungry.

  4. ... we err on the side of caution also

  5. We had a few of those boxes when I lived in Burbank. They're such a great idea. I'm not sure if I would be ready to pick up a book that others have touched quite yet. But nice that you left hand sanitizer. I hope no one swipes it.

  6. Nothing says 'normal' to me more than the sharing of a good book. Thank you for this wonderful little bit! :)