Saturday, May 9, 2020

Step by Step, Stepping Out

The pull to explore beyond my home is strong this year. And so, within the confines of my state’s quarantine restrictions and social distancing, hub and I began stepping beyond the confines of our house and neighborhood. We must be careful, however, and time our trips so that we return home before the pull to...pee... 

 First stop, our favorite bagel bakery for a high-calorie, great tasting breakfast treat. Unfortunately it was apparent from a block away that a lot of other people had the same idea. I hadn’t seen so many people together in weeks. Together but apart – six feet apart in a line that wrapped around the block. 
Another day we visited a cafe that opened last weekend, take-out only of course. I wanted craved one of their famous and fabulous blueberry muffins. I enter the store, take a couple of steps, stop in front of a table with a cash register and coffee trappings and placed my order. “I’m sorry, we’re out of blueberry muffins.” Really? “We were busy today.” 

I have to wonder where everyone patronizing these stores hide when not buying stuff I want. So while I thought about an alternative purchase, I ordered a fruit scone for hub. Then I ordered my replacement item, a lemon bar, rarely consumed because of the high sugar content and too many calories. The cashier, feeling bad because there were no more muffins, added an extra scone to my bag. He meant well...
I came home and savored coffee and lemon bar for lunch. The piece was huge, heavy and thick, unusual because lemon bars are typically thin and light. But I pigged out and ate the whole thing. Later that night I got hungry and ate the scone. The whole thing. No dinner, just the scone. Bad move. The lemon bar and scone did not sit well with me the next day. Enough said...

I wanted tomato plants for my vegetable garden. My usual garden philosophy is benign neglect, but this year is different. I have been weeding, and planting flowers and vegetable seeds. But I wasn’t going to start tomato plants indoors. Hub and I took a road trip seeking tomato seedlings. 

As we approached the first nursery – nurseries are considered essential businesses – I noticed a line of cars slowly inching into the parking lot. We got on the end of the line. When the nursery grounds came into view, it was obvious the place was packed. Both front and back parking lots were full. We didn’t want to spend a lot of time shopping and waiting to pay. We kept driving. 

Next stop, a nursery with no tomato plants in stock. Finally, success at the third place. I
The fruits of my labor later this summer
Wishful thinking!
purchased seedlings and planted them when I returned home

Normally mundane activities, but in atypical times normal undertakings are the highlight of my day. And the week. And the past month. The highlight of hub’s week was the successful forage for toilet paper.

Stepping out, one step at a time, not too far, for not too long, so that we return home before the need to perform bodily functions intrudes on our excursion. There are no open and accessible rest rooms available in public places, yet...not that I would take the chance...


  1. I have no partner in crime ha ha to have escapades with, as you do. It would be more fun with a partner. I do feel almost like a bank robber with my mask on. I haven't been inside a store since the start of this mess. Oh dear, I hadn't thought of rest rooms not being open.

  2. I too haven't been inside anywhere but my own home for the last 52 days and wish we lived in a rural area... so we could enjoy nature more. But we do have a lovely green (gone to the wildlife) backyard on a creek so can't and won't complain. As for public restrooms - wouldn't recommend them during this pandemic (unless unavoidable).

  3. I live in a rural area of northern california. We're in stage 2 but I will still use caution. Our county only had 31 cases/4 deaths and we're going on 2 weeks, without a case.

    All the young people are out on the river, lakes - I hope they continue to use good judgement.

    Meanwhile, enjoy but stay safe.

  4. I relate to planning trips within pee range. The last thing I want to do is use a public restroom and most are closed. I've been out to the store a few times masked and gloved. Today I'm sneaking off to my daughter's apartment for Mother's Day. I feel like a criminal.

  5. Our grocery stores have public bathrooms available. I'm very careful, but I do need to use one halfway on my walks around the neighborhood. And I wash my hands really well on my way out.

  6. You are doing better than I am. My hubby and daughter do all the shopping, while I stay home and blog. Lol.

  7. Dear Meryl and Friends, i was so relieved to discover, the drug store has public restrooms (after waiting and waiting in drive-thru-banking traffic...) And there's plenty of candy bars right by the register - rollos are my favorite :)