Saturday, March 28, 2020

One Community Copes with Quarantine

It is a challenge staying home 24/7. Fresh air helps – a balcony or porch, front or back yard makes it more tolerable. A walkable neighborhood is a plus. I walk on sunny, warmish days. I am not alone – sort of. I pass neighbors (at a safe distance) walking their dogs, folks of all ages riding bikes, couples strolling, often hand in hand, solo walkers and runners. Everyone has been respectful and keep their distance, waving, bellowing “hi, how ya doing?”

Wandering outdoors lifts the spirits in these troubling times. In my part of the world the gray dreariness of a Northeast winter is easing into the colors of spring early this year. My yard, a couple of small patches with no grass, is full of bushes and a variety of flowers planted over the years. Probably due to a combination of a mild winter and lots of rain, flowers sprout early and blossom beautifully. 

My town is getting into the spirit of spring and its implication, hope for the future. A neighborhood initiative called Rainbow Trail is the brainchild of a couple of local Moms. People post rainbows, most homemade, on their doors and windows as a colorful sign of optimism in the future. The pictures offer an opportunity for kids to scour the neighborhood for rainbows, a fun family activity. Folks of all ages pass by and smile when spotting the bright symbols. 

Creating sidewalk messages is another way our community spreads cheer.
Routine home-based activities include reading, preparing meals, exercising, watching TV, laundry and cleaning. Now that the opportunity arises we try new pursuits and resurrect old ones...Tackling intricate puzzles is not a usual activity, but a pastime now attempted while watching mindless TV or endless news briefings...I look forward to planting a vegetable garden, binge watching programs recommended by friends and shrinking my pile of must-read books. And taping a rainbow on my window.


  1. We're doing many of those things here too... sidewalk messages, rainbows or bears in windows, etc. - things to help everyone boost their spirits and give them hope that this too will pass (and hopefully quickly). Spring being in the air helps...

  2. Thanks for the sidewalk idea - I'll send it along to my daughter, who's gritting her teeth at the fact that spring break has begun and she has three boys at home.

  3. WE do whatever works. I wish we could do more.

  4. I'm in California and I noticed a chalk one out on one of my walks. Now I know what it is. We had a 10 year old girl in the neighborhood, who was having a birthday. The party was cancelled and she was bummed out. So all her friends and their parents, paraded up and down her street, in their cars, blowing their horns in front of her house. Cute idea.

  5. What a sweet idea to have all those rainbows. They are a sign of sunshine and rain and hope for the future.