Friday, February 7, 2020

Driving Again, Almost

8:00 am and time to hit the road. Hub and I faced a long ride north to the state of verdant Vermont, and Bernie Sanders. Two granddaughters awaited our arrival - not so eagerly. Their Mom was leaving on a jet plane (apologies to composer John Denver and singers Peter, Paul, and Mary) and were not thrilled to be left in the capable hands of Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, all of whom place a distant second, third and fourth to Mom. But everyone needs a vacation, and Mom is no exception.

I am prepared for winter!
Hub and I pack the car with suitcases and backpacks, and toss jackets and cold weather wear in the car - hats, gloves, scarfs, boots, our warmest sweaters. I make a quick round of the house to ensure lights are off, faucets are not dripping, no toilet is running.

Hub and I get in the car, secure seat belts and lean back, ready, if not eager, for the trip. Hub, who earned the first drive stint, starts the car. We slowly head down the block. Then we hear a not-normal sound – ker-plunk, ker-plunk, ker-plunk. No doubt about it, there is a problem. Hub stops the car, I exit and begin scouting around the car. Doesn’t take long to spot the problem.

A flat tire.

How could this be? We drove home from a Super Bowl party the evening before with no difficulty. We must have run over a nail or something that drove a wedge into the tire and deflated it overnight.

We weren’t going anywhere immediately.

We contacted AAA. 

A half hour later a quick-responding mechanic removed the damaged tire, replaced it with a donut spare, and we were on our way. Again.

Sort of. We could not drive far on a faux tire. I called the car dealer – we thought the tires might be covered under our recently-purchased car’s warranty - and scheduled an appointment to exchange the donut for a real tire.

By noon we were on the road. Again. After paying for a tire NOT covered by the car’s warranty.

I am glad to report we completed the trip without further incident, a calm, uneventful  journey through the pinelands of southern New Jersey, the industrial dreck of northern New Jersey, the congested suburbs of New York City, the brown mountains along the New York Thruway, and the fallow fields of Vermont.
A fave Vermont
outdoor activity
(some hearty souls participate.
Others, like me,
are spectators and watch
from a warm indoor location!)

Not many seniors travel north during the winter, preferring to escape to warm sunny skies. But family beckons, and so hub and I sit in a cozy family room, staring at a blazing fire as snow falls outside. In my opinion cold wintry weather is not fun, but snow offers some solace in its splendor, especially when initially falling, covering a gray landscape with pristine white, creating a temporary perfect, beautiful scene.


  1. Weather here has been warm and lovely. Just a few days of rain and then hearty winds today. Still not into freezing. Wondering where the mid-Atlantic winter has gone.

  2. Glad you got that tire replaced before heading on, but sorry to hear it wasn't covered. Nice snow pics, taken from an observer's point of view. :-)

  3. You are intrepid to go north in the winter. But like you say, family beckons.

  4. Wow...a northward bound ride in winter... truly a labor of love!

  5. Glad you made it to your destination in one piece. Enjoy Vermont!