Friday, November 8, 2019

Binge-watching Bliss

Daylight hours grow shorter, the dark hours of late afternoon and evening seem endless, and each day gets a bit colder and grayer. 

It is binge-watching season! 

Pop the popcorn, unroll a blanket, don the sweats, dig out the leftover Halloween candy, get comfortable in a favorite chair or couch and enjoy a program – maybe a mini-series with three or four installments, or a series with years of episodes you never got around to watching. Or never heard of until a friend suggested it.

Hub and I just finished binge-watching a show highly recommended by friends, a comedy with occasional dramatic overtones, available on Netflix, The Kominsky Method. Michael Douglas plays an actor now acting coach, and Alan Arkin is a talent agent. The two are not a couple, but friends helping each other stagger through seniorhood. They deal with issues most seniors can identify with – death of a spouse, sexual anxieties, health issues, work matters, family problems, the fear and doubts of growing old. 

Chuck Lorre, creator of The Big Bang Theory, one of my all-time favorite shows, likewise created The Kominsky Method. Throughout the 16 episodes, each about a half hour, a continuous line of oldie but goodie performers appear – Patti LaBelle, Danny DeVito, Elliott Gould, Alison Janney, to name a few. A number of mature actors have recurring roles, including Paul Reiser, Jane Seymour, and Kathleen Turner.

I realize everyone may not be able to enjoy The Kominsky Method on their TV or computer. Nowadays it is not easy figuring out whether or not a particular show is available on your screen. There is Comcast OnDemand, Netflix, Dish, Direct TV, Amazon, Hulu, and others I am unfamiliar with, plus pay channels like HBO, Showtime...we used to get Turner Classic Movies, but Comcast, eager to milk old folks who enjoy old movies for more money, decided to add the channel to an upgraded package. Which we do not and will not get. 

I am not sure what our next binge-watching experience will be. 
Any suggestions?


  1. I binge-watched Gilmore Girls last winter and it was a nice escape from gray days and return to an old softshoe show. Broadchurch was my addiction to get me to exercise...used it as a reward and the characters are so well-acted and have such depth. I think both are on Netflix.

  2. First time visiting/commenting on your blob. I had heard The Kominsky Method was good. I just cut off Netflix this month so I won't start watching it as I don't think I'll get through the seasons by our end date for Netflix. We do have Amazon Prime that hubby enjoys watching. I liked Parenthood on Netflix and Greenleaf. I haven't binge watched anything in a bit, that's why Netflix got canceled, but it is so fun to be able to watch a whole season at a time rather than have to wait for week to week.


  3. I greatly enjoy watching The Kominsky Method on Netflix. I don't binge watch because I like knowing there are more episodes to see. Doc Martin and A Place to Call Home are two other series I enjoy, probably on Britbox or AcornTV, I subscribe to both.

  4. We have Hulu, Netflix, Prime, and Acorn. Acorn is my favorite. Love Doc Martin! Also enjoy ATypical on Netflix... and have been curious about The Kominsky Method - may have to check that out. If I need a pick-me-up, I generally watch Dharma and Greg on Hulu.

  5. I enjoyed The first season of Dead to Me on Netflix. Eager to see the next season which has been picked up. Also happened on to Imposters on Netflix which is quirky and fun.

  6. Poldark, of course, The Durells of Corfu and 20+ years of Midsomer Murders. . .Nothing like BBC TV series!

  7. There is just so much to watch that lots of great shows fall by the wayside. I did, however, just finish watching season 2 of the Kominsky Method. I sure do enjoy the characters and the acting. I have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and whatever shows up on the PBS channel. I am looking forward to The Crown continuation. Fun! :-)

  8. We're still on basic cable but we get screener copies. We went to an event for The Kominsky Method and have DVDs of some of the episodes. I love Alan Arkin in everything. There are so many amazing shows nowadays, it's overwhelming.

  9. Dead to Me is hysterical. If you like murder mystery then Broadchurch or any of the great BBC mystery offerings, of which, there are plenty.