Saturday, September 7, 2019

Seafood at the Seashore

Locals consider September the best month in our shore town. The weather is mild and sunny (most days), the days long (although getting shorter by minutes each day), the water warm, restaurants uncrowded (except Saturday nights), and parking spots available. Special events bring folks out to enjoy the atmosphere and activities.

This weekend the Downbeach Seafood Festival served up delicious food, with vendors representing some of the most popular (and best) seafood places in the area. There was music, games for the kids, a beer tent, cooking demonstrations and dance performers.
I am not sure you can read the print on this poster, 
but the various items offered by the restaurant vendors are listed.
Fish tacos - my choice, with soft tacos, fresh fish and veggies - lobster rolls, 
an entire boiled dinner, clams, mussels, shrimp...
The chef at a local hotel (the Sheraton) demonstrated how to
cook a fish - the picture above shows a tilefish she prepared, 
caught in the waters off Brigantine, NJ.
An event at the shore must have a sand sculpture!
After the festival, a couple of hours at the beach. 
Beach time is precious now as each day brings autumn closer...
followed by winter cold...then spring rains...and finally summer. 
I can't wait!


  1. That is a beautiful sand sculpture. They are so neat and are especially delightful partly because of their short lives. :-)

  2. Just the thought of fresh fish tacos has me drooling. I love everything seafood. How fun.