Saturday, August 24, 2019

Lost then Found

After two weeks in Scotland it was time to get back to ‘real life’. We - hub and I - arrived home Sunday night. Monday was jam-packed with meetings, food shopping, reviewing mail, paying bills, and recuperating from jet lag and the seven-hour, unfun flight across the pond. No time to unpack.

I needed the car to drive to meetings and haul groceries. I knew where my key was. On the way out of the country we drove to the airport and parked at an off-site lot. I threw placed my key in a pocket of my backpack. 

Or so I thought.

Fast forward two weeks. Back home, I go for my key. Let is nowhere to be found, but not wanting to be late for my meeting I did not undertake a thorough search. I grabbed hub’s key and rushed out the door.

I did not worry, initially. Maybe I placed my key in a different backpack pocket, or someplace else entirely. After two weeks my mind and memory could be playing tricks on me.

Day two home. Time to unpack.

I emptied my backpack, not a usual task. Items like tissues, coins and pens remain forever in the bag. But in an effort to locate my key, everything came out. 

No key found.

I semi-panicked. It was time to methodically search elsewhere.

Maybe the key was in the car...a dresser drawer...a sweater or jacket pocket (unlikely, since I hadn’t worn either for weeks in the summer heat)...fell under the furniture...nothing. An unsuccessful hunt.

I realized the key might be forever lost. Maybe I took something out of my backpack, the key fell out and I didn’t notice. 

Hub and I could not rely on one key long-term. But replacement turned out not to be a simple undertaking. Or cheap. Keys nowadays are computer-programmed. We could not make a copy at the hardware store.

Hub called the Honda dealer and set up an appointment. The dealer needed the car to program a key. No problem, they told him, a one-hour job. Price? A lot. But we had no choice.

Hub rises early for the 7:00 am appointment and is out the door 6:30...

An hour later he reappears. “Finished already?”

“No, the repair department didn’t have the part. I rescheduled. The part will be in tomorrow.”

You are probably thinking, why didn’t the shop tell him when he called they did not have the part? Why didn’t they check before scheduling the appointment? I guess that would require too much trouble on their part. Better let the customer waste their time.

That afternoon I resigned to complete my unpacking and repacking. A small pile of items removed from my backpack sat on my dresser, including two plastic rain jackets. I picked one up and noticed a small bulge in the square-folded piece of plastic. I thrust my hand in the folds, routed around and – voila – MY CAR KEY!

I ran into the family room waving my key and shouting, “I found my key! I found it!” Hub thought something terrible happened...

But I solved the mystery!

Hundreds of dollars saved.

Next time I will write down the safe and secure place I store my key. 


  1. I have had similar and am sympathetic but also glad all was resolved without expense.

  2. I can not tell you how often this has happened to me and my husband. The memory thing as it relates to car keys. So frustrating!

  3. Hurray for finding the key. You saved both time and money.