Thursday, July 4, 2019

Celebrating Independence Day

The word that best describes my Fourth of July celebration is low-key.  Hub, me and our
houseguest, Oliver, a cavalier/King Charles 13-year-old canine, enjoyed the holiday at home. The equivalent of 91, Oliver, like most nonagenarians, has medical issues - trouble walking, arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, and takes pills morning and night. But like hub and me he is happy to spend hot July days basking in central air and napping.

But the Fourth of July is a holiday and demands something special to commemorate the day. And what is more American than consuming? As in buying stuff. Which is what we did yesterday (I’ll dub it Independence Day-eve).

NOT our new car.
We bought a car. 

Our new car is not red, white, or blue, but silver, signifying glamour, grace, sophistication, elegance, and – like gold – riches and wealth. Which, after buying the car, we do not possess. We do not boast the other attributes either, but maybe behind the wheel we will exude a false sense of these qualities. 

I might tie red, white and blue streamers to the vehicle when we drive it home tomorrow.

We shopped for a shiny new machine months ago but the sales schticks and follow-up calls drove hub nuts. So we dropped our pursuit of new wheels. But time passed and our trusty seven-year-old car’s odometer registered additional miles, its body acquired new dents (mysteriously appearing after an afternoon in a valet-parked garage), repairs depleted our pocketbook, and the interior and exterior amassed fresh layers of grime. 

We fulfilled our patriotic duty and spent money. 

The Fourth dawned sunny and sultry. We rode bikes to the farmer’s market and by the time we returned home the heat propelled us indoors. We lounged under a ceiling fan and AC until evening. As the sun receded, we ventured outdoors for burgers on the grill, followed by a stroll for dessert at our favorite ice cream shop and a walk to the beach, settling in the sand to watch fireworks. A low-key Fourth of July celebration. Perfect!

Happy Independence Day Everyone!


  1. Sounds like a fairly relaxing Fourth. Love the meme about the IPhone.

  2. Sounds like a great day, spent outdoors and indoors!

  3. Now I know who "Hub" is. Well done

  4. Love how your day cream and a walk to the beach.