Saturday, July 27, 2019

A Summer Day at the Beach

Summer, meaning the hot season of the year, made its presence known in the past few weeks in my neck of the woods. Or more accurately, my island by the sea. Characterized by hot weather, suffocatingly humid at times, hours of light, sunny days and some rain, accommodating busy beach days by arriving late afternoon and evening. The word got out about this year’s ideal beach weather and people rushed in. Tourists, family, second home owners, all converged. The result slow moving lines of cars along the two main streets in town, long lines at the ice cream parlor, packed restaurants. People everywhere. 

Family members graced our home this past week, and my granddaughter and I shot photos of a day at the beach. One day of fun and relaxation soaking up the sun, temporarily forgetting about the routine activities of everyday life waiting back at the house.
Soaking up the sun, sand, and sea.
Life guards and life boats prepared for an emergency.
The highlight of the day - the ice cream man and his cart of goodies!
Obligatory beach accessories. photo by Sami.
Our beach. photo by Sami.


  1. I've got to get out to the beach. We live a little inland but about 1/2 an hour away on a non traffic day. Your photos look lovely.

  2. Looks pretty perfect. We are just a short walk from a beach, but it's always so crowded on the weekends I wouldn't think of going down there. Made me enjoy your pictures even more. :-)

  3. We live 1.5 hours away from the beach but try to get there on any weekend in which we have a shared day off. It's worth it to drive the 1.5 hours at 7 am in the morning, get to the beach when few people are there. Swim, walk, and shell collect, and then be gone as the crowds start showing up around 11. That's a good day at the beach as far as we're concerned.