Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A Skyscraper Catches My Eye

I am not a sharp observer of anything, especially when on the road. I miss a host of interesting sights, signs, and situations when behind the wheel, or when comfortably settled in the passenger seat. The landscape whizzes past and the world is a blur. 

When a passenger my eyes are often closed, not necessarily in sleep mode, simply resting my eyes. The motion of a moving vehicle, the drone of the car and air whizzing past my window ease my body into a lethargic reverie. I may be startled out of my daydreams if someone addresses me in an attempt at conversation, but am into my trance and the voice seems far, far away. I barely hear the sounds and do not respond, which results in a display of annoyance from the driver (usually hub), but that is an issue for another post...

I am not always in daydream mode when a passenger in the car. There are times my eyes open and wander around the landscape surrounding me. A sight, a sign, a building, somebody walking, riding a bike, maybe kayaking in a waterway next to the highway, catch my eye. This usually happens when stuck in traffic and I examine the environs out of sheer boredom. Although I cannot smell the roses, I might spot them thriving alongside the road.

Countrysides are scenic, but cityscapes can be awesome. Driving through Philadelphia recently, an (almost) new skyscraper caught my eye. The building soars skyward, far above neighboring buildings. I stared at it, grabbed my phone and took a couple of pictures. I will not comment on the structure, allowing readers to arrive at their own opinion of the structure. 

 The building does not lean, but that was the angle from the car.
Comcast Technology Center
60 floors
Completed November 2017, occupied July 2018
Tallest building in Philadelphia (and Pennsylvania)

Personally, I think the structure illustrates 
the Comcast customer service motto: 
The company our customers love to hate.

And on a totally different matter:
In case you missed this week's Best of Boomer blog, 


  1. Interesting building. I'll have to look it up and learn more about it. :-)

  2. I can't close my eyes when I'm a passenger in a car because I always worry the driver will fall asleep. Good thing is, I don't miss anything, except when I'm driving.