Friday, March 22, 2019

Dog Gone Where?

Grandsitting our Vermont granddaughters consumed me the past week. Hub was by my side. And I am happy to report both of us survived. When parents returned the kids were safe and healthy and the house remained standing and in relatively decent shape. 

Grandma and Grandpa were packed and ready to return home. 

The week passed with no major mishaps or meltdowns. However one event caused us brief panic. 

It was all about the dog.

On the last day of our grandsitting stint I let Leo out in the morning, as usual. An invisible fence borders the property. Leo runs around the yard, barks greetings at passing dogwalkers and dogs, the mailman, joggers and anyone else in the vicinity. 

The humans in the house (me, hub, and Lila, the 3-year-old) finished breakfast, dressed, and attempted to whip the house into shape. A frustrating task – me putting toys away and Lila retrieving them while at the same time adding others to her play pile. Finally, the task completed as best as it was going to be, we prepared to go out. First stop a bakery where kids get to decorate their own cookie. But before leaving the house Leo needed to be retrieved.

Opening the sliding glass door and calling, “Leo, Leo,” I waited for the dog to bound up the steps and dash into the house. But nothing happened. No barks, no visible sign of the dog. 

I tried calling again. No response. Hub went outside and walked around the house. No dog. He got in the car and began driving through the neighborhood, asking dog walkers, the mailman, anyone on the street if they saw a black dog running loose.

No one saw the dog. No sign of Leo.

Panic time.

How would we tell Leo’s parents we lost him?

“Should we call the kids?” hub inquired. And tell them we lost the dog? Not yet...Hub continued driving around. Luckily no one reported a suspicious out-of-state car cruising the streets. Meanwhile I checked Facebook for community bulletin boards. In our town folks post about lost dogs and cats and often include pictures.

I was ready to call the police when hub called. He was on the way back to the house. After scouring the neighborhood for an hour without finding Leo, he called our son. 

The response?

All was well. No need for alarm. The dog walker texted Leo’s parents that she had picked up Leo for his weekly hike. 

Unfortunately no one had informed us about Leo’s social engagement.

Lila, Grandma and Grandpa missed the cookie decorating session, but made it in time for Yoga at the local library, then stopped by the market for Lila’s treat. She hadn’t forgotten the promise of a cookie. 

We returned to the house to eagerly await the arrival of Mom, Dad, and Leo. Leo returned happy but exhausted from his trek. Weary parents, home after flying a red eye flight cross country, soon followed. 

We didn’t hang around for a family reunion. 

Grandma and Grandpa bade farewell until the next grandsitting adventure beckons.

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  1. Glad it all turned out so well. They are lucky to have such understanding parents. They could have told you, though.:-)