Sunday, January 6, 2019

On the road again...and again...and again

It was late afternoon when we shuffled into our hotel, travel-weary and hungry. The alarm rang at home at 3:45 AM and a car picked us up at 4:15 for the drive to the airport. Two flights later, with a three hour layover in between, hub, Mom and I arrived at our destination - Costa Rica. We succumbed to our stomachs, consuming our first local cuisine. Then, finally, much-needed sleep.

The rest of our family group of 16 straggled in throughout the next day. We spent a few hours exploring the city of San Jose, browsing artisan and food markets. All but the last two arrivals convened for dinner.

My sister and niece arrived at the Philadelphia airport in the wee hours of the morning for a 6:00 AM flight. A cheerful customer service agent inquired, “Would you prefer a full refund or would you like to reschedule your flight?” - unfortunately there were no seats available on flights out for two or three days. Their flight to Orlando cancelled, the excuse bad weather. Spirit Air emailed customers with the update at 2:00 AM. 

On leaving the customer service desk the rep said, “Have a nice day!”

My enterprising niece grabbed her cell phone. She found two seats on an Avianca flight (to Costa Rica with a change in El Salvador) leaving from Newark Airport later that afternoon, and booked two seats. My sister and niece took an Uber to Newark and waited…and waited…most of the day for their flight. But they arrived in Costa Rica in time to join the family on our Road Scholar Costa Rican family adventure.

My sister will NEVER fly Spirit again.

Ten days, 16 folks between the ages of 3 and 93 (Mom turned 94 during the trip), two tour guides, one tour bus, five hotels, lots of food and physical activities…and we were on the road again…and again…and again!

This snake crossed my path while hiking. It is venomous, 
but I didn't know it when I stopped to snap the picture.
According to our guide:
"Black and yellow...kill the fellow." 
Mom resting on one of our hikes through the jungle.
Colorful wildlife seen everywhere!

Carnival time in San Jose, Costa Rica

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