Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Best of Boomers Prepare for the Holidays, Take a Holiday, and a Walk Down Memory Lane

My town officially ushered in the holiday season Saturday evening with a holiday parade and block party. It rained early in the day, but by the 5:00 PM start no rain fell and the temperature was almost balmy. Fire engines, school bands, home-made floats, and enthusiastic spectators created a festive atmosphere. 
How else would Santa arrive in a shore town but in a boat? 
Some of our boomers are involved in their own holiday celebrations and preparations.

Jennifer of Unfold And Begin created a calendar for December. Before you get all caught up in having to do “everything all at once" for Christmas, use this calendar to help enjoy the time more and stress less over it.  Each day has one task to complete.  Some will help you to prepare for the holidays while others will help you to enjoy the holidays.  The hope is that by using this December Holiday Calendar you’ll be able to ease into the holidays and enjoy them more.

The holidays launch a season of giving, including charitable donations. On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about how to research a charity. Robison’s been recommending it for years, but she hasn’t done it herself because she donates to the four same charities every year. Read about the adventure that occurred when she researched a charity her daughter had donated to because she wanted to help families who had been separated at the border.

Sometimes the holidays allow us to take a trip down memory lane. Tom Sightings admits he was kind of naive, growing up in a gentle middle-class suburban neighborhood as he did. He knew that kids could fight. But he never knew that adults got into fights. too. It happened one day at a family get-together, when some resentments boiled over and ended up in The Fist Fight.

One of our boomers is already ‘on holiday’. This past week Carol Cassara has been on Maui at Ram Dass' retreat. Over at A Healing Spirit, she's treated us to a brief discussion of her favorite of his sage quotes. She thinks you know it.

Not all of our boomers have immersed themselves - yet - in the holidays.
It’s no fun dealing with a serious health situation and having to figure out the ins and outs of the healthcare system. Rebecca Olkowski with relates her personal experience as a caregiver for someone who has life-threatening cancer. 
Everyone have a great week. And take a few minutes to visit the boomers and say hi!

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