Thursday, December 27, 2018

Cross Off Another Year

I don't care what science says, without a doubt time passes faster than when I was a younger soul. Recently I wore winter gear and complained about the cold. That was January. 2018. Almost one year ago.

On the other hand when asked what I did two days ago I blank out and must think about it. I remember, but not immediately.

I feel as if my life is like an accordion. I am being squeezed tighter each year. When younger the accordion spread far out, each year lasting seemingly forever, the notes long and steady. Now notes are short, sharp, staccato and increasingly close together.

I stopped by my doctor’s office for my semi-annual check-up last week. The numbers were all good, although my cholesterol could ease down a few notches. Doc asked how my back was doing. 

“When I do yoga stretches regularly, my back feels fine. Miss a couple of days and I notice it. My back warns me.”

“Yoga? That’s pretty strenuous…”

“I do gentle yoga. That’s what my gym calls it.”

He nods his head. “Senior yoga…If it’s working that’s great.”

My eye doctor said I don’t need cataract surgery…yet. 

I told my hairdresser I want my hair to turn silver gray (with help from her). She nods in agreement. It wasn’t long ago she responded, “you’re not that gray yet…wait…”

I am reminded of my granddaughter’s remark that I wear old lady clothes. Well, yes, but not as old-ladyish as my grandmother wore - loose fitting house dresses (do they even make them anymore?) and heavy, thick-soled black shoes.  

I attended a buffet dinner featuring entertainment by a comedian who lives half the year in Florida, the other part of the year north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Most of his act was less than riveting, but the audience responded favorably to a reading of the minutes of a retirement community in Florida. Fabricated of course, funny, but at times too true. Examples: the Board decided not to show any more silent films on movie night. After Tuesday night’s movie several members of the audience went to the doctor because they thought they needed hearing aids…Because of the increasingly high cost of food and entertainment on holidays, we will celebrate events at a different time. Our community’s New Year’s Eve celebration will be on December 2…the community Thanksgiving dinner on October 3…and Fourth of July fireworks on April 22. At noon so all can enjoy…

My mind wanders. Another symptom of the passing years. One more year gone, a new year to look forward to. 

May the new year be one of good health, contentment, happiness and peace. 

May you indulge in enjoyable activities and reach out to family and friends. 

And on a political note (I can’t resist) the madness leading up to the 2020 election has already begun. 

May we survive.

Happy New Year 2019

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