Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sort of a Staycation

Definition of staycation: a vacation spent at home or nearby, according to Merriam-Webster.

I love to travel, whether a day trip close to home or days spent further afield. I travel and take vacations frequently nowadays, more often than during my pre-retirement life, when time and money limitations restricted my adventurous streak.

The idea of a staycation never appealed because, when home, it is hard for me to avoid the pull of the environment – as in laundry, dirty dishes, dusty furniture, cleaning the bathroom…

Then I found myself home. Sick. A bad cold. 

 A forced staycation.

I felt too lethargic to do much except sleep (a night activity), nap (a daytime pastime), drink tea, watch TV.

I was lucky to get sick at an auspicious time. Two days after Thanksgiving (healthy enough to enjoy indulging in the feast), one day after Black Friday (I did not participate in the craziness) and the beginning of end-of-year holiday madness. Most important of all to a stay-at-home-couch-potato, the season ushers in weeks of Christmas movies and specials. So between naps I viewed oldies but goodies, including White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street. Natalie Wood was an 8-year-old beauty in Miracle…and who knew Rosemary Clooney (who danced and sang along with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen in White Christmas) and her extended family would become theater royalty (George Clooney the king, of course).

I was too sick to care about what I was NOT doing and what I SHOULD be doing. My bleary eyes did not notice crumbs accumulating on the kitchen counter and floor…did not care about my unmade bed…or stress as mail and papers piled up in the family room.

Sometimes ignorance, or in this case obliviousness, is bliss. I blissfully laid around for days doing nothing. And not feeling guilty. After all, my body was working hard getting well.

And succeeded.

I am almost 100%. Tomorrow back to a normal schedule. 

Staycation over.

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  1. You realize you probably caught it on that lovely flight home?
    Jo Ann