Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Spam Email in Another Language

Most of us, if not everyone who ever had or has an email account, received spam. I have been the lucky recipient of emails informing me I am the beneficiary of a huge sum of money. All I have to do to claim my inheritance is follow the email’s instructions, which usually involves sending money (for ‘processing’, for example) to the writer. Other emails informed me someone is in trouble and needs my help. Send money and all will be well. Or I won a lottery, rather difficult to do without buying a lottery ticket. Grammar and spelling often is poor, testifying to either the individual’s foreign linguistic heritage or the writer’s poor education. Or both. 

I never, until this week, received an email in a foreign language. Opening my inbox, I was intrigued by an email written in Hebrew. But I could not read the note. Normally I ignore this sort of correspondence and delete without reading. 

But I didn’t delete it.

Last year I traveled to Israel. I visited the country once before, when I was 17, and stayed with relatives. When returning last year, I wanted to connect with cousins and began an online search, an unsuccessful quest. When I saw the Hebrew email, I realized it was a longshot, but might be a follow-up to my search. So, I opened it.

But could not read it. What to do?

I Googled Hebrew translator and a screen appeared in two parts. One empty box was titled English, the other Hebrew. I pasted the email into the Hebrew section and immediately the translation – or a translation – I have no idea whether it is correct – appeared.

Unfortunately, I am no closer to locating my relatives, unless one of them is a scam artist. Which I doubt (not in my family!).

The Google translation:

I am Adv. Wayne Walker, I offer you this in connection with the death of Mr. Emil, that you carry the same surname, he was my client before his death, and left a certain amount of money, $ 7.5 million in the bank. , I have decided to contact you, please return to me for further clarification and payment processes

For more information, please contact me by e-mail address: (

I did not answer the email. I will pass on the $7.5 million that might be mine. Maybe one of the scores of other people who received the email responded. I wish them luck. If anyone reading this blog post wishes to reply, be my guest. And if you receive the funds, I would appreciate a small commission (I’m not greedy).
I am NOT in the money!


  1. There is a sucker born everyday out of desperation or lack of critical thinking skills. There are plenty of crooks out there willing to help.

  2. I've gotten so many of those. Not in Hebrew, though. I keep getting calls from Nigeria, Ghana, and Saudi Arabia on my cell. They get blocked but they're very persistent.

    1. Haven't received the cell phone solicitations...yet!

  3. I live in Israel and never got one in Hebrew! Get them from Africa, in English. Anyhow, I have a couple of ideas for searching for long lost relatives here. Should you be interested send me a private email.