Sunday, September 2, 2018

September Inspires End-of-Summer Activities and Transitions

It is hard to believe we now speak of summer – not the official astronomical season but our human timetable – in the past tense. It is no longer daylight after dinner, and an evening crispness in the air hints of weather changes to come. The TV blasts previews of fall shows. The school bus impedes my drive to the gym. Farmer’s markets transition from mounds of fresh corn and tomatoes to corn stalks, squash and pumpkins. 

September rolls around and the three-day Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer
Final days of summer at the beach
fun for many. But not everyone must cram their last days of summer fun into the holiday weekend, stalled in traffic, waiting for a table at a favorite restaurant, surrounded by boisterous crowds at the beach. 

When we're retired, we don't have to travel over the holiday weekend. We can take advantage of a beautiful day and take a trip during the week -- and beat the traffic as well. So join Tom Sightings for A Day at the Beach to enjoy a mini-vacation featuring sun, surf and sand.

September is a great time to buy a car

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, offers advice on how to buy a used car. Suggestions include do research, make a budget, ask about the history of the car, get an inspection, and get any oral commitments in writing. Although she wrote the article for Labor Day shoppers, the recommendations will also help you throughout the year. 

September is self-improvement month

Jennifer of Unfold And Begin felt that having a list of small things that could be done each day would inspire you, so she created a printable calendar of items in A Quick Guide For Self-Improvement in September. 

And because we all need to laugh, here is a throwback post about fashion rules that she grew up with - Don't Wear White After Labor Day.

September celebrates Women’s Health Week 

A healthy and happy lifestyle doesn't stop with being active physically. To be totally fit, fabulous, healthy and happy you need to also include mental health and spiritual health. As part of Healthy Women's Week, Sue Loncaric from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond wants to focus on YOU and share a month's worth of ways to keep fit, active and happy in a holistic way.  Remember the message for Healthy Women's Week is #myhealthfirst.  Read 31 Ways to Focus on You for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Rebecca Olkowski with gets into using objects of nature to enhance meditation particularly stones and crystals. Some are said to have life-changing properties. True or not, they’re beautiful to look at. Read how to use them to set your intentions.

And a Boomer Remembers a Best Friend

One of the most beautiful bonds in life is that between close friends. Carol Cassara at A Healing Spirit shares an essay she wrote about her late best friend's battle with cancer and how, armed with wooden spoon and a stock pot, she tried her best to keep the disease at bay. The essay will resonate with anyone who has supported a sick loved one. It appeared in an anthology in 2016.


  1. Hi Meryl, looks great and we have some excellent topics this week. Jennifer and I are on the same page with self- care and thank you for putting the image for Healthy Women's Week. Have a fabulous week and hope you enjoyed the long weekend in the US.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful roundup of blogs! I like that a lot. We are all writing about the end of summer aren't we...even those of us retired from education. But as you pointed out, when you retire, the vacations is in a lot of ways without end. Have a great week.


  3. Such wonderful posts this week. All so inspiring.