Saturday, August 18, 2018


I purchased a T-shirt when visiting a winery a few weeks ago. Not an auspicious event, one that would be relegated to the back of my mind and eventually forgotten if it were not for the shirt. The shirt spoke to me and so it settled in my closet. 

My T-shirt wardrobe is one to be envied. I would not be amazed to discover that more than one pre-dates the 21stcentury. I toss out old ones occasionally, when stained or ripped or no longer fit (must have shrunk in the wash). Most, however, settle comfortably into a slowly increasing stack. I threw out a lot when I moved, but that was eight years ago and favorites relocated with me. And sometimes I buy a new one.

Organized folks would throw out an old shirt and replace with the new one, but that is not in my genes. My family members are collectors and keepers.

One day last week as I sifted through the pile trying to decide what to wear, the shirt fell into my lap. It spoke to me again and so I decided to wear it.

What happened next surprised and perplexed me.

Before continuing let me emphasize the shirt is not too tight-fitting or flimsy or transparent. It covers what should be covered.

Throughout the day random folks talked to me, or maybe at me, about the shirt.

Was it the words? The picture? A combination? 

“What does that say?”…”Like the picture.”…”Everything happens for a what?”…”Couldn’t agree more.”

In all my years of wearing clothes (and that is lots of years reaching far back into the last century), I cannot recall any article of clothing with words, a slogan or picture that created so much interest. Or curiosity. Or whatever…

I have no idea what this episode means. 

Should I wear more clothing with messages? Maybe it is the wine – perhaps I should begin a shirt collection with quirky sayings and images about wine and other alcoholic beverages. I bet if I do research I will find several…

On the other hand, I am not sure I want to wear that shirt – or any shirt attracting that kind of attention - in public again. Around the house, among friends, but doubtful I want to subject myself my body my torso to scrutiny again. Maybe if I was years younger…

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