Thursday, March 1, 2018

Cruising Carnival

A week between planned activities and the question arose, what do we do? Following five days in Savannah, GA, hub and I had a week before exploring Charleston, SC. I researched options and discovered a five-day Carnival cruise leaving from Jacksonville, FL, a couple of hours south of Savannah. The price was right. We did not care about the ship’s destinations (two ports in the Bahamas). 

Someone else cooked and served. Nothing to clean, except our bodies. Lounge chairs by the pool, free entertainment.

l booked the cruise.

We are not snobs, but friends who fit that description when it comes to travel would not sail Carnival, considered the low end of cruise companies. Hub and I did not care.

The result: a wonderful mediocre escape.

Mediocre food and accommodations. Varied entertainment. Friendly, helpful ship’s staff. The weather dawned warm and sunny every day – except for one downpour lasting less than half an hour.

Some standouts raised the bar above mediocre. An excellent pianist/singer wowed the crowd at the piano bar. Two hilarious comedians performed. The dining room wait staff presented a humorous ‘dance’ at dinner. Obviously dance skill is not a job requirement! We met interesting people from Canada and several states, although Southern drawls predominated.

Hub and I spent sea days lounging outdoors reading. I completed a novel (The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah), planned our Charleston stay, and read Flannery O’Conner short stories.

We strolled the streets of Nassau and Port Lucaya. We purchased $5 T-shirts. Who cares if they fall apart after a couple of wearings!
Sittin'  by the dock of the bay...Port Lucaya.

An eye-opening experience - the number of extremely overweight people observed over the five days onboard the ship. Large, bulky, unhealthily hefty individuals. Lots of them waddling around, plates piled high, wearing body-hugging outfits. What do they see when looking in the mirror? Do they look at themselves in the mirror? Age-wise I would guess most were 40+, but too many young folks appeared on their way to becoming members of this group.

My response to the scene? I skipped dessert, or ordered the low-cal, no sugar option. And went to the fitness center.

I now realize the seriousness of the epidemic of overweight folks facing this country. No wonder health care expenses soar. No wonder diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure overwhelms. I feel sorry for these people’s knees – so much weight to bear. Many used canes or wheelchairs. Thank goodness for elevators!

Hopefully hub and I disembarked weighing no more than a few days earlier.

I don’t intend to step on a scale to find out. 


  1. I have never been on a cruise, but I have seen those people at an all you can eat buffet (never a good idea, by the way, unless you are on the Tom Sightings diet plan).

  2. It's sounds totally relaxing to me even if it wasn't luxury. Hey, I'd be happy on a barge, but that's me.