Monday, February 12, 2018

Love, Loss and Life’s Disruptions

What’s worse than to wake with the alarm before dawn for an exercise class, dress, throw on a coat, venture out into the cold and dark, clear off an ice-coated car window, rev up the car, drive to the rec center, park the car, trot in the arctic air to the front door of the building, walk up the steps not-quite-eager but proud you roused yourself on this dreary morning?

Reading a sign posted on the entrance:


REALLY? Inconvenient? I had such good intentions…

Such is life sometimes. Good intentions shot down by life’s disruptions.
My yoga moment - I concentrate on the 'I'm hungry' meditation.
After my early morning awakening and preparations for exercise class only to find the class cancelled, I was unwilling to return home disappointed. A 45-minute zumba class warmed my muscles, got my blood moving and provided the impetus to move through the rest of the day.

I read a wonderful little book about life’s disruptions by Ilene Beckerman, Love, Loss and What I Wore, a couple of years ago. The author recounts her story in brief prose snippets with an accompanying drawing of the getup worn at momentous moments, and not so significant but remembered, life events.

Nora Ephron and her sister Delia also loved the book. They wrote a play based on the story, which debuted off-Broadway in 2009. A local theater group presented the play in my area this past weekend, and hub and I went to see it.

Before purchasing tickets, I warned hub he may not like/appreciate/enjoy the play, since it is so woman-centric, but he willingly joined me.

From earliest childhood to mature adult, the play’s monologues talk about the difficult, funny, heartbreaking disruptions and unusual events women face every day. Marriage, divorce, mother-daughter relationships, the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome, illness and lots more. Hub related to a lengthy monologue on women’s pocketbooks. He was always amazed and annoyed at his Mom’s oversized bag containing mainly junk, and regularly comments about my inability to locate anything quickly in my small but disorganized purse.

And while on the subject of love…Valentine’s Day is Wednesday. Hub and I may go out to dinner, or maybe not – depending on the weather, how tired we are, how crowded restaurants are. Maybe we will order in. Or, if feeling ambitious, I can cook!

This week’s Best of Boomers discusses Valentine’s Day from a variety of perspectives, and includes a Valentine’s Day story I posted way back in 2012. Check out this week’s Boomer blogs!


  1. We have to laugh... don't we? If we didn't laugh, we'd cry... and laughing is so much better. Perhaps that's the secret; we should cherish it, but life shouldn't be taken so seriously.

  2. Good intentions are always so important so you can give yourself a nice pat on the back.