Sunday, January 21, 2018


1,017 Days (as of 1/21/18) to November 3, 2020

One year into the current Administration is an opportune time to look ahead to the next Presidential election less than three years hence. However, before November, 2020, we must endure midterm elections. Nine months from now every seat in the House of Representatives (435) and 34 Senate seats will be on ballots around the country.

Our legislators currently tackle a government shutdown the electorate does not want and (most of us) do not understand. Tackle is a fitting metaphor to describe the struggle Washington faces as decisions are made concerning constituents’ hard-earned tax dollars. This weekend two crucial football showdowns determined the last two teams standing this season. The two teams will face each other on February 4th in one of the all-time biggest TV events the universe will ever witness – Super Bowl LII (52). (Disclosure: I am not a football fan. But if I must choose between watching football or listening to endless news about the government shutdown, football wins hands down).

Why do I obsess over football? Because I live within the Philadelphia football field of influence. The
Eagles Underdog dominate discussions day and night. It beats the obsession over our current POTUS.

A lot of Philadelphia football fans, mostly women but some men, marched on Saturday, January 20 against many, many, many policies advocated by POTUS. Which brings us back to elections.

The current POTUS will run for re-election, barring unforeseen circumstances. For instance, outstanding health specimen that he is, unfortunate health issues may arise. Should such a situation occur, V-P Pence eagerly awaits a call to duty.

As for the opposition, anything can happen and anyone could run. Contenders that come to mind include Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (almost too old, too female and too liberal for too many), New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, California Senator Kamala Harris, Oprah Winfrey (catch her speech at the Golden Globes?) – enough with the women, let’s move on - Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, old standbys Joseph Biden and Bernie Sanders, and speaking of old, California Governor Jerry Brown may be interested – he is almost 80.

And then the long shots – Caroline Kennedy, John Kerry, Julian Castro…celebrities, businessmen and women, maybe a scientist or how about an astronaut?

Or a football player.

2018 will be a fascinating election year. But before the ads and speeches and name-calling begins (or continues), the American people need a hiatus from politics and politicians. That’s where football comes in. It doesn’t matter if you like or understand the sport.  Immerse yourself in football for a couple of weeks. And eat comfort food.

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  1. Well, a reason to get into football! Okay, I get it and it seems like a fine and useful idea.