Wednesday, December 13, 2017

They’re Coming to Take Me Away

I don’t know when they’re coming to take me away, but unfortunately it will probably be sooner rather than later. I am not sure who they are – anonymous people in white suits? My family? The police? Friends? – whoever they are, they are coming.

I am not sure where they will take me or what will happen to me. Will I be confined to my home? Installed in a locked-down facility? Signed into a hospital? Dropped on a park bench someplace? If so, I hope it is someplace warm.

My decline became obvious yesterday. I did not think I was ‘losing it’ yet. But yesterday’s episode made me rethink my sanity. Or lack thereof.

Hub and I pack a few things and head to our old hometown. We throw the bags in the car, including one with my laptop case inside, and drive off.

Three hours later we arrive at our quarters, a small two-story townhouse. We unload the car and settle in comfy lounge chairs to relax for an hour before meeting friends for dinner. I take the laptop case out of the shopping bag, take out my computer, return the case to the bag and place the bag on the floor.

I am on my computer until we leave for dinner, and after dinner again use it, eventually noticing it needs recharging. I reach for the bag where my computer case is stashed. The charger is nestled in the case’s zippered compartment.

The shopping bag is gone.

I begin searching the house. The small house. The very small house. I look everywhere but cannot locate the bag.

It is hub’s turn. Maybe I overlooked it. Maybe it is staring me in the face and I cannot see it. Maybe it is time to have my eyes checked. Maybe I need cataract surgery. Hub combs the house and cannot locate the bag.

What did I do with the bag? It definitely did not walk away by itself. Too tired to keep hunting, I decide to go to bed and resume the search the following day. A rested body and open mind would locate the bag easily in the morning.

Morning arrives. I begin looking for my treasured lost object. I peek in drawers and cabinets, closets (only one downstairs), under and around chairs and furniture. I return upstairs and continue searching. I do not remember taking the bag upstairs, but am beginning to question myself. I inspect under the bed, in my suitcase, closets, all over the floor. The bag is not a tiny object that got kicked under a vent or cabinet.

How could the shopping bag disappear? I check the car. Maybe I absent-mindedly grabbed the bag and took it back to the car when we went out to dinner. No idea why I would do that. I didn’t. No bag in the car.

What do I do now? Buy another charger? I hate to spend the money. I plan on buying a new computer soon, but not tomorrow. My computer is old (for a computer) and loses juice quickly, so needs charging often. I need my computer. I am like an addict without a fix. I cannot hold out long without a usable computer at my disposal 24/7.

I see myself going out screaming, “Where’s my charger? I want my charger!” clutching my computer to my breast.

A nagging thought sneaks across my brain – What will I forget next? Misplace? Fail to remember?

My downward slide begins…and they (whoever they are) might come soon to take me away. 


  1. Did you check the trash? Just asking. I have been there and already lost one Kindle charger. You are not getting memory loss, we just have too many gadgets.

    1. Not in the trash, checked. We do have too many gadgets. Too complicated.

  2. The fridge. Underneath any sink. Your suitcase. I've been there and am astonished at where I safely "store" important stuff.

    It's our brains thinking of just too many things. Not dementia.


    1. Hopefully it is not dementia. Looked everywhere. Very weird.

  3. Okay Meryl, I confess ... I took it. But now, you have to give me back all those things you've taken from me!

    1. One day we will meet halfway between our homes and swap stuff!

  4. ! am so with you, sistah! So with you.

  5. Oh yes, I know that feeling and it is happening to me just a little too often lately!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  6. I understand! Happens all the time around here!

  7. I hate when that happens. I take a big breath and somehow it manages to turn up. Usually in the bathroom.

  8. Well, now that you purchased a new one, the missing one should magically reappear at any moment!

  9. That is just creepy. I would have started thinking that someone came into the house while I was gone. Not that I had forgotten where I put it. LOL