Sunday, December 10, 2017

December Holiday Highlights from the Best of Boomers

Although the calendar indicates winter has not officially arrived, the season made an early appearance in my hometown. Snow swept in and presented us with a glorious white blanket. Unfortunately the town cancelled its twilight holiday parade due to the weather, but the holiday spirit is alive and lively in musical events scheduled throughout the month, Santa sightings, outdoor decorations, and a festive atmosphere in stores, restaurants and community gathering places.

The onset of cold and snow gets those of us living north of the Mason Dixon line in the holiday mood. But the holidays can be tough for many. Whether it's a holiday or not, Carol Cassara has some helpful, simple-to-implement ideas for taking care of ourselves that anyone can do. My favorite suggestion: eat chocolate! 

Do you have any Festive traditions?  Traditions are an important part of life, especially as we reach midlife and beyond.  It ties family and friends together. Sue Loncaric over at Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond shares 5 of her favorite traditions for this time of year. Living in Brisbane, Australia means it is Summer so no snow or mulled wine!  Read how she and her family enjoy the special time of year.

Rebecca Olkowski at Baby Boomster is reliving a river cruise she took several years ago to see the Christmas Markets on the Danube. She shares a recipe for authentic German Gingerbread on her blog as well as photos from some of the markets she visited.

This past week Tom Sightings took advantage of the freedom (and the senior discounts) afforded to us retirees by making a quick trip to New York City. So if you're at all curious, ride along by punching your ticket over at Two-Day. . . and see what's currently showing at The Met.

Over at Unfold And Begin, Jennifer did another interview for her Begin Again Series and chatted with Molly at Shallow Reflections. Molly is a nurse who picked up humor writing later in life.  You can read about Molly and the book she recently published in Who Is That Boomer On The Ledge. 

Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist blogging at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, is in a stew about the holidays. Robison returned from a two-week vacation to Australia about 10 days ago and been “lost in space” since with jet lag. She didn’t have a plan to get ready for Christmas before she left, so received a jolt when she calculated it’s just two weeks away. Luckily, Robison has been blogging, so take a look at her articles on how to make tasty chicken stew, which can help you if you, too, are in a stew about the holidays, and how to avoid sugar, which abounds in desserts and alcoholic drinks during the holidays. But then, things aren’t all that bad. Robison also wrote about the second Volkswagen executive being sentenced to prison for taking part in the company’s emissions testing scandal. That’s good news for consumers.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season. Don't forget to take time to sit back, relax, and stop by the Boomers. We love to hear from you.


  1. I'm reading about snow and it is in the 30C (90F) where I live in Brisbane, Australia. It would be lovely to have a white Christmas. Pity about the twilight holiday parade but you can't predict the weather can you? Have a fabulous week!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  2. Great collection this week. I love all the holiday posts from all over. We all need to lighten our spirits a bit and reading them did it for me.

  3. Thanks! I'm checking out that Boomer on the ledge.