Thursday, November 9, 2017

Countdown to the 2020 Presidential Election - Installment #3

1090 Days (as of 11/9/17) Until the Next Presidential Election
Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Mark Your Calendars!

Election Day 2017 came and went, generating more interest than most off-year elections because of the current POTUS and the deep political divide seizing the country. Election night results indicated anti-Trumpers had much to celebrate while pro-POTUS-ites had lots to think about.

Before the election I told hub I was not going to vote for any Republicans. Our local ballot had a lot on the table – a governor’s race, state assembly reps (2) and senator, county freeholders and sheriff. Hub’s point of view was that local politics should not interfere with national politics. A good local Republican candidate should receive our vote despite the party’s national leadership and agenda.

I disagreed. My feeling is that a Republican vote is a vote in favor of the party, locally, statewide and nationally. I could not in good conscience pull a Republican lever.

In my corner of the world most Democratic candidates won. The Republican running for state senator won a seat.

But the biggest surprise came after the polls closed.

Our Congressional representative, Frank LoBiondo, is a Republican, a moderate leaning toward conservative. The general consensus is that he has served his district well. In 2018 he will have represented south Jersey for 22 years.

LoBiondo announced he would not seek reelection in 2018. His decision, stated in his official announcement, had nothing to do with his health or personal life. In his words:
…as some of my closest colleagues have also come to realize, those of us who came to Congress to change Washington for the better through good governance are now the outliers. In legislating, we previously fought against allowing the perfect to become the enemy of the good. Today a vocal and obstinate minority within both parties has hijacked good legislation in pursuit of no legislation.

LoBiondo is not the only outlier announcing retirement. A fundamental change is sweeping the Republican Party. The 2017 election and the number of Republicans announcing they will not seek reelection portends positive things for anti-Trumpers. Despite Trump’s media publicity, his tweets and the PR received by right-wing bigots he cajoled out of their holes, the majority of the country opposes Trump, his policies, morality and ethics, as well as the characters he has chosen to populate the swamp (today swampier and slimier than ever).

It is a long way to the 2020 election, but 2017 election results provide the opposition with hope and the administration with much to think about. Not that they will do that. Trump will, as always, resort to blaming everyone but himself for Republican losses.

As far as the opposition candidates go, who knows? I predict a long shot will appear, someone not on anyone’s radar today or low on the list of possibilities. Following the 2018 election things will heat up. Meanwhile the 2018 mid-term election takes precedence. 


  1. I was thrilled with the wins of candidates I support on Tuesday and was happy to see so many women have decided to run for office! :-)

  2. I agree with your husband, I'm an Independent and I vote for the candidate not the party. If we don't work together, without labels, we're going to keep getting the mess we have in Washington.

  3. I always vote according to my political philosophy and that precludes my ever voting for a Republican. I come from a long line of Democrats, and liberal ones at that. There have been some good ones in my experience (Robert Stafford, James Jeffords, who later became an independent) but I certainly don't agree with anything I have seen from the Republicans lately.

  4. I'm appalled by many of the members of our current Congress and our so called President. For me it's a matter of character and the ability to work together.

  5. This past election has given me some home. Let's hope this continues into 2018!