Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bad Karma?

Do I possess bad karma?

I am not sure exactly what that means, but the thought occurred to me recently.

Three girlfriends and I rendezvous once a year in Manhattan – the Big Apple. We spend the day pigging out savoring a leisurely, wine-stimulated lunch, and then catch a Broadway show.

I buy the theater tickets because I am the most computer-literate of the group, a sad state of affairs. Definitely nothing to brag about!

We agreed on Curvy Widow, a musical comedy; the true story of the dating adventures of a 60-something.

Already laughing? We could not wait to witness the hilarity.

I purchased the tickets, emailed success to my three friends, and circled the date on my calendar. Not literally – I don’t think dates can be circled on an online calendar. If it can be done, I don’t know how to do it.

Moving on…a couple of weeks later I received an email from Ticketmaster.

Curvy Widow was closing before our scheduled November show date. Our money would be refunded in full, so cash was available for more tickets.

Second show choice: War Paint, a musical based on the rivalry between cosmetic queens Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubenstein. Interesting, light, fun. Our kind of show! Bought tickets, once again emailed success to friends, and looked forward to a great day in the city.

A couple of days later another email from Ticketmaster found its way into my inbox.

War Paint was closing early because one of its stars, Patti LuPone, required hip replacement surgery.

Two shows down.

Once again I needed to buy tickets. Our Big Apple day drawing near, new tickets for another show became an urgent to-do. The closer to our get-together date, the fewer choices would be available.

Third choice: Waitress, another musical, about a waitress, her ne’er-do-well husband, an unexpected pregnancy, an affair…should be fun!

I got the tickets, emailed the other three of my success, and for a third time await the big day. I told my friends if for any reason Waitress closes – even for the one day we are supposed to see the show – my job as ticket-purchaser is over. I will officially retire as procurer.

So do I boast bad karma?

Will my bad karma rub off on others? If I have bad karma now, is it temporary? Can – or will – my bad karma turn into good karma sometime in the future?

Is it me? Do I possess unseen, unknown, unbounded powers that signal across the Internet something problematic should happen? Is the fact that TWO shows I wanted to see and bought tickets for closed? Is it MY fault the shows are closing?

Will I be blacklisted? I may not be allowed to buy theater tickets ever again!

Is it coincidence – I buy tickets, the show closes unexpectedly?

Once? Possibly.

But twice? 


  1. I will reserve judgement until I hear whether or not you all make it to Waitress!

  2. Sorry Meryl, but you really don't have that much power with just your little bit of karma. Besides what did you do to throw off all of Broadway anyway?

  3. Wow! I'm hoping that the universe is going to reward you, because you are such a patient and helpful soul, with tickets to an even better play! That's how Karma works!

  4. I have a little of that going on also. I am going to Manhattan in November from Fort Worth, Texas. My friend and I debated over Curvy Widow, but finally decided on War Paint. Finally gave up and fell back on the Rockettes. That would be news if they closed!

    1. I am sure you will enjoy the Rockettes. Haven't seen them since I was a little girl - my grandparents took me.