Friday, September 15, 2017

Gardening Guru I Am Not

I read articles by fellow bloggers extolling the bounty of their garden. I smile as friends regale me with the variety of veggies harvested from their small corner of the Earth, mounds of zucchini filling their refrigerator and beautiful flowers adorning their table.

I remain silent. My fingers do not fly over computer keys writing on and on about the beauty of my garden’s tomatoes, the bounty of my beans, the crispness of my cucumbers or the crunchiness of my greens.

I do not write about or discuss my garden prowess.

My garden flopped this summer.

There is no one to blame but me. I cannot fault Mother Nature, anyone or anything else. I could not tend the garden most of May and the first half of June because I was out of town. Entertaining grandkids took up the second half of June.

Seeds and seedlings planted early May were on their own. Unfortunately the Benign Neglect School of Gardening failed me.

My garden succumbed to inattention and almost total abandonment.

Confession: I do not have a vibrant green thumb. My dull digit tilts light green to yellow, green for healthy plants and yellow for ones struggling to survive. Brown is another color appearing in patches around my garden. The dismal drab shrunken leaves cried out to me, “Help me! Help me!” but I did not listen.

I was not around or quickly passing through, glanced at the plants and moved on. Tomorrow I said to myself, tomorrow I will garden…

Too many plants could not survive without me, yellows and browns outnumbering healthy greens.

Not everything disappointed. Basil, a holdover from past years, flourished. Four or five cherry tomato plants produced a few delicious products. A couple of eggplant also made it to my kitchen.

But no large, juicy tomatoes grew in my backyard this year. No beans or cucumbers or carrots or peppers. I cannot remember what else I planted, but it doesn’t matter. Most seeds never sprouted. A small number peeked through the soil, grew tiny leaves and quickly wilted, trying to hold on, patiently awaiting my tender loving care.

But it was not to be. I did not provide much TLC this summer.

No excuses. Weather-wise it was a wonderful year, plenty of rain and sunshine in the early months to coax vegetables and flowers to grow. Long sunny days throughout the summer and ample rain sustained thriving plants.

Hopefully next year produces better results. With my diligent help, of course.

Now I can only lament my shortcomings while shopping at a local food store, oohing and aahing over the beauty and bounty of produce displayed.

For the remainder of the season I will force a smile when friends enthusiastically chat on about their successful garden. I will gloss over articles about what a wonderful harvest season this was and how delicious the fruits of one’s labor turned out to be.

Fortunately it won’t be long before talk shifts to the turning leaves, cooler weather, holidays, and indoor activities. I can’t wait! 


  1. One of the reasons my garden flourished this year is the help I got from my fellow gardeners who watered when I didn't. This year's tomatoes make me convinced I can grow anything! :-)

  2. Some time ago I decided to cut out relationships with people who were just too needy. I started with my plants.