Thursday, September 28, 2017

Falling for Seasonal Change

Yup, the seasons have definitely changed in my neck of the woods. Fall is officially here.

Blinking traffic lights tell me so.

I relish a time of transition when the passing of summer ushers in a season when crowds disappear and lines shrink at the grocery store, Rite Aid, Wawa, and restaurants, a season characterized by cooler weather, earlier evenings, later sunlit mornings, and quieter streets.

Actually the streets are not as quiet as I would like them to be. This is the season repairmen and construction workers descend on my town, building and fixing and completing work homeowners ignored all summer. The banging, clanging and drilling are a disruptive influence on laid-back mornings – starting too early – and afternoons, forcing doors and windows closed to avoid the racket.

Back to the blinking lights. Less traffic allows the replacement of red, green and yellow on one of our main streets with a constant blinking yellow light. No need for stop-and-go driving. Cruise down the avenue; enjoy the changing landscape colors from green to yellows, reds and brown, the bike riders, joggers and skateboarders, savor life in the slow lane.

Soups and casseroles replace fresh salads and walks to the ice cream parlor. No more local corn. Locally grown tomatoes will be available for only a couple more weeks. And most area farmer’s markets closed until next summer.

Morning hot coffee replaces large glasses of ice coffee. I wear jeans for the first time in weeks and dig out long sleeve shirts. Don’t need them yet, but will soon. Sneakers replace sandals as my footwear of choice.

Time to think about hurricane season and hope our town avoids devastating storms this year. Time to clean out the closet and bag items that will never again see the light of day on my body (or hub’s), but are still in good enough shape for the thrift shop.

Time to think about preparing the garden for months of dormancy. Time to move toys to the garage until next summer. And time to think about cold weather relief. What warm weather destination will hub and I visit this winter?

Time to embrace the change of seasons.