Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fall is in the Air

Lingering with drinks, late afternoon,
enjoying sunset over the bay
(NOT my front porch!)
I sit on my front porch completely shaded by an overhang and the sinking sun. It is not very late in the afternoon. A few weeks ago, not even that long ago, it would still be hot, bright and sunny this time of day, no shadows blocking sunlight from the garden.

But things change. Now after 4:00 in the afternoon trees sway, producing a cool refreshing breeze. Almost chilly. Not nippy yet, but in a couple of weeks a brisk breeze will have me running for a sweater. Or going inside and staying inside.

Shadows lengthen as the sun moves across the sky, lower each day, imperceptibly so, but I can tell. Flowers stretch to get as much sunshine as possible. They know. Less light, cooler temperatures, they will soon disappear.
Fall is in the air in my corner of the world.

Labor Day marks the informal end of summer. There are a couple more weeks of official summer, but around my world the summer season is over. The town is abuzz over the long holiday weekend, folks getting their last fill of sun and fun. Restaurants are packed, cyclists ride up and down the boardwalk and streets, and Moms and Dads drag tons of gear to the beach while kids lament a return to school.
Sun, sand, sea water, water toys - what could be better!
Riding bikes on the boardwalk.
Soon I will transfer potted plants indoors. Mobiles will be taken down and packed away until next spring, outdoor chairs stacked in the garage along with the plastic picnic table. The grill should be stored in the garage but too often we forget, leaving it out until biting rain or snow surprises. We like to grill as long as possible, although food is carried indoors for a comfortable eating atmosphere.

The neighborhood ice cream shop closes along with some restaurants at the first sign of cold weather, shuttered until next April or May.

Birds act livelier now that hot weather does not relegate them to long daily naps, cooler weather encouraging flight. They survey surroundings and sing to each other; warbles we all can enjoy. But most of the birds will soon be traveling on.

Local produce abounds, yet the appearance of fall crops - squash, carrots, broccoli, greens, fruit - and the disappearance of garden-fresh corn is tinged with sadness.

Summer held such promise a few short weeks ago. The agreeable weather, the sunshine, extended daylight hours, lazy afternoons, quiet evenings and long lines at the ice cream shop launched an endless summer.

But seasons come and go. Everything moves on. Everyone marches along.

We recall summers past and look forward to sunny seasons yet to come.

One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter. 
— Henry David Thoreau 


  1. The leaves have started changing here and the temperatures have been cool. My deck faces west and I can see that the sun appears to set further and further to the south. Definitely fall like.

  2. Your post made me very nostalgic. Our summer, here in the San Joaquin Valley, was one of the hottest on record. We broke lots of records for heat which meant I spent most days indoors. Now, finally, the weather is cooling off (the 90s instead of the 100s), and I've been outdoors this past week. Our autumn will stick around till December.

  3. We are just now beginning to harvest our summer corn. And the cooler weather makes me VERY happy. It's my favorite time of the year. I am no fan of heat. :-)