Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ushering in August

The month of August ushers in more summer - hot weather, humid days, dry spells and occasional short thunderstorms, the best of garden produce-especially tomatoes, the continuation of tourists invading my shore town, busy roads and stores and restaurants. All good. I may not like the hustle and bustle, but cannot deny it is great for the local economy.

Yet the beginning of August is also tinged with sadness. Daylight hours diminish. There is talk of kids returning to school and vacations ending, and for most people the slower paced season is inevitably replaced by fall activities. For hub and me, summer is the busy season. We look forward to the less frenetic seasons of fall and winter.

However there is much to look forward to before summer officially ends. September is considered the best month of the year around my part of the universe.  The weather continues to be warm enough to enjoy the beach and outdoor activities, the crowds have departed, stores and restaurants are open, no annoying long lines and waits  (except sunny weekends).

August is a busy time this year for hub and me. Currently entertaining our oldest grandchild, the three of us explore the neighborhood and nearby attractions.
Trying out the Skybike at the Franklin Institute and...
Testing virtual reality equipment.
Riding bikes around the neighborhood...

And of course eating!
My grandson cooked this dinner - Garlic Parmesan Chicken with zucchini.
We have lots of zucchini (from our CSA) and use the veggie in a variety of dishes.
Also cooked a large pot of zucchini/tomato sauce and froze batches.
Challah French toast for breakfast. Yummy!
Of course hub and I are consuming too many calories - too many trips to the ice cream parlor and the bagel shop, splurging on French fries and other delicious foods dear to the heart of a 13-year-old.

But we are having fun. Next week back to the gym!


  1. I'm with you about September being the best month, and August being the tail end of summer with heat, bugs, and thunderstorms. Love your pictures of the adventures with the grand. :-)

  2. Too many calories? But it's worth it for the grandchild!

  3. I have always had mild depression (and sometimes not so mild) starting in August. I noticed how earlier the sun is setting just last night and also saw some yellow leaves, which always sets me off.

  4. There can never be too much of anything that makes our grandchildren happy. I think you hit just the right note. :)