Sunday, August 20, 2017

Summer Sizzles as Boomers Consider Difficult Questions

Hub and I pack a bag and hit the road often, exploring places far and near. It is one of our retirement priorities, and we have taken advantage of the opportunity.

There are occasions the time and place of trips is not of our choosing. This week is one of those times. We sit cocooned in air conditioning amidst the torrid temperatures baking South Florida, grandsitting. Temperatures hover in the 90s with a heat value index around 104. I don’t know what that means scientifically speaking except that it is hot. Really, really hot. Walking out the door my glasses fog over, and stepping outside barefoot my feet burn on the sidewalk. I cannot drink enough to purge the thirsty, dry feeling.

Are we having fun yet?
Not me, but maybe my granddaughter in 10+ years!

Question: Where is the coolest place in Palm Beach County?

I won’t make you wait for the answer. It is the ice skating rink.

I tagged along with two of my grandchildren as we experienced a refreshingly cool atmosphere for a couple of hours. I donned skates and ventured onto the ice, keeping up with my 6-year-old granddaughter, a novice skater. I remained upright the entire time!

My fellow boomers spent the week in more serious pursuits. Tom Sightings spent the week reviewing some issues about the life that we face ahead of us. In the process he asks himself 8 Questions About Retirement . . . from the financial (How will taxes affect our IRA withdrawals?), to our futures (Do we have a retirement plan?)

Carol Cassara wrestled with the question: Do patients always need to know the unvarnished truth about their disease? Is there value in hope? We've all known friends and loved ones who have had difficult diagnoses. Over at Heart Mind Soul, Carol Cassara and her readers discuss the question " how do we best support them?"

Divisiveness and discord bombard us on the national scene everyday, but observing our immediate environment we hopefully feel less distressed. Laura Lee, like so many of us, is feeling a bit confused lately, torn between the ugliness of racial hatred and the amazing beauty of her present surroundings!

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, reports on a new study that shows more than 40 percent of student loan borrowers leaving college or trade school owe at least $20,000, double the number of borrowers a decade ago. In addition, more borrowers are taking out student loans later in life, and fewer borrowers are paying down their student debt in five years.

Enjoy the week and take advantage of summer activities in your town as the season winds down. And take a few minutes to visit our boomers!


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  2. Humidity in Florida makes those high temps truly miserable so don't envy you. I sought out ice skating rinks with my young Dtr when we were living in AZ during their monsoon season when humidity was higher than usual so can appreciate your doing so.

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