Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Celebrating A Minor Feast Day

Americans love celebrations and the festivities that go along with the event. Birthdays, holidays, special occasions – we enthusiastically rejoice with decorations and balloons, cards, gifts, and most important of all: FOOD.

Everyone seeks opportunities, or more accurately excuses, to indulge in favorite dishes and high calorie, usually taboo treats. As much as I lament my weight, I love to eat. A product of a culture steeped in food as an integral part of most celebrations, I look forward to opportunities to submit to my cravings.

There is no guarantee the food at holiday bashes, birthdays and weddings are food-worthy, but I always hope, and usually the repast yields a gratifying feast.

A special day previously ignored due to my ignorance recently came to my attention.

                                   National Cheesecake Day
Sunday, July 30th

I spread the news a few days early so people have time to plan. Bake your favorite cheesecake, purchase from your go-to bakery, buy frozen or fresh at your local grocery store, order online, but be prepared!

National Cheesecake Day presents a wonderful chance to indulge in a mouth-watering sweet treat.

And to add even more joy to the eating event (if that is possible), Saturday, July 29th is National Lasagna Day.

What could be better than a hearty meal of lasagna topped off with a large piece of your favorite cheesecake?

And I’m not Italian! Anybody, everybody, young and old, male and female, meat lovers, gluten-free, vegetarians and vegans can find a lasagna recipe that meets their dietary requirements, allowing everyone to revel in the repast.

Start baking or buying now!

Trivia about National Cheesecake Day and National Lasagna Day:

Cheesecake apparently originated in Greece, but evidence is lacking to declare the statement definitively true.

A major ingredient of Cheesecake is, of course, cheese (unless making faux cheesecake, which are NOT true cheesecakes). A person that loves and relishes cheese is called a turophile.
It is claimed cheesecakes were served to athletes competing during the first Olympic games in 776 B.C., the cheesy pastries believed to be a source of energy. 

On the “The Golden Girls,” the cast consumed more than 100 cheesecakes over the course of the TV show. 

Lasagna originated in Naples, Italy. The oldest recipe dates from the early 1300’s.

The addition of tomato sauce to lasagna began sometime in the 1500’s. Tomatoes did not reach Europe until after the discovery of the New World.

Probably the most well known lasagna lore is the fact that Garfield the comic strip cat’s favorite food is lasagna.

I end this post today with a video of a song about lasagna from Weird Al Yankovic (you will recognize the tune).


  1. Thank you for this important public announcement!

  2. Last week (July 19) was National Hot Dog day, too. Guess I'd rather have cheesecake.

  3. Your post made me smile a lot. I love cheesecake too and tolerate lasagne. :-)