Thursday, June 15, 2017

An Israel Adventure Almost Over

There are occasions when time drags, seconds and minutes tick by slowly while waiting for something - an event, an announcement, or perhaps we just feel sick. Other times we cannot believe how quickly the hours pass. Each day of my Israel adventure is packed with touring sites, bus rides, walks in the blistering hot sun, and of course eating. Evening arrives and my bones and my mind barely function. I am physically and mentally exhausted. 

On the other hand today hub and I pack and endure a 12 hour plane ride home.

Each long day left little time for relaxation. Every night I prepared for the following day, turned the TV on, searched for something to watch and fell asleep to the drone of CNN news reports, too tired to pay attention. Hotels offered free wifi, so evenings and mornings I checked email and messages. I turned off cell data and silenced my phone, opting not to pay Verizon $10 a day for overseas service. The company gets enough of my $$. Every month.

Israel is approximately the size of the state of New Jersey, but the geographic diversity is dramatic. Desert, rolling hills and mountains, miles of flat seaside lined with beautiful beaches, farmlands, forests, lush river valleys and dry scrubland all squeeze within the borders of this small country.

Our tour group included six children between the ages of 5 and 13, so many activities geared towards the young ones tested the physical endurance of hub and me. But we survived! Nature hikes, river walks, rafting, tunnel explorations, boating, walking. Steps seem to be everywhere - steep, high, often slippery ones.

Here are a few pictures of our Israel adventure.


Climbing stairs in the old city of Safed

Making chocolate in the Galilee in northern Israel.
Visiting HaCarmel market in Tel Aviv
Playing in the sand, the Mediterranean in the background, in Tel Aviv
Climbing tanks
Touring tunnels under the Western Wall in Jerusalem
Feeding donkeys on a kibbutz.


  1. We visited Israel in 2015 for the first time. Like you, I was impressed by the diversity in such a small country and by the remnants of human history everywhere one turns. We also met some of my husband's first cousins for the first time. I hope to return some day.

  2. Enjoying your photos and commentary -- thanks!