Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Challenges, Retirement Roles, Cannabis and Washington Updates

I am recovering from one incredibly long day of mental anguish, computer hassles, testy words, and a huge meal of comfort food. The dinner spurred me to attend yoga class this morning for the first time since returning from my winter sojourn south.

Yesterday was Tax Day.

It was not as easy as downloading Turbo Tax and filling in the blanks. I upgraded my computer’s OS - operating system, which took far too long. Programs began automatic updates, taking additional time, and then I discovered Quicken Essential unusable with the ‘improved’ OS. I purchased a new Quicken program…but enough of my tax-related woes.

The good news is that by 10:00 p.m. federal and state taxes were completed and e-filed.

Spring’s worst task concluded. Until next year.

Unfortunately Laura Lee Carter of Adventures of the New Old Farts also experienced a challenging weekend. A BAD lightening and ice storm struck Southern Colorado Thursday night and knocked out the electricity for three cold days and nights. No heat, no cooking…read all about her saga in Southern Colorado is Closed Today and Tomorrow – Slipping Off the Grid!

Sometimes support in the form of drugs helps us cope with temporary difficulties or on-going problems such as health-related issues. And that assistance not only applies to humans. Heart Mind Soul's Carol Cassara’s dog is on cannabis. The drug has been found to have real benefits to dogs with anxiety, cancer, or end of life issues, as she writes in Cannabis: Rx for Dogs.

Tom Sightings, Sightings Over Sixty, addresses the issue of how we transition from work
and family to retirement and new pursuits. In other words, he wonders, once we're retired, what do we do all day? Check out What's Your Retirement Role? for some thoughts on how we can find meaning and focus in our lives after we retire. 

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, says the consumer news from last week is good and bad. The good news is that the Republicans failed on their first attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The bad news is the Trump Administration hikes fees for student loans. 

Other consumer news is an environmental group releases its annual list of the fruits and vegetables with the most and least pesticide residue and Experian is fined $3 million for deceiving consumers about credit scores.

This week promises sunny, almost warm weather in my part of the country. I look forward to wandering outside and re-acquainting myself with my yard and neighborhood. I hope everyone experiences sunny days this week while also taking time to read our boomer posts and say hi!


  1. I just had my taxes done -- too much of a math phobia to do them myself. Or maybe it is an IRS phobia. Anyway, it is one of those jobs I gladly pay a professional to do.

  2. Good stuff in this one! Thanks, Meryl.
    Carol Cassara

  3. Am partially into my taxes, but will complete within the coming week. Have had all the info pulled together since Jan., so only a matter of pulling together, checking for any new tax breaks and fitting on forms.