Thursday, March 9, 2017

Six Weeks a Wanderer

Not alone on my wanderings, hub (sometimes reluctantly) trailed along. We drove south to the Sunshine State, detouring to visit the North Carolina mountain town of Asheville, site of the largest private home in America – Biltmore, a Vanderbilt legacy - and unisex restrooms. On to Florida and friends and family, then hopped on down to Costa Rica, transport a compact, crowded, tightly packed Spirit Air plane.

We spent three weeks in Costa Rica eating, hiking in the jungle, eating, walking beaches, eating, visiting friends and enjoying local cuisine. Returning to the U.S., luckily unencumbered by TSA pat downs or immigration officials, we rendezvoused with family for a captivating visit to the magical kingdom of Disney World (four days + four parks + four parents + four grandkids = two weary grandparents).
We saw lots of princesses in Disney World.
Driving home, exhausted and eager to NOT be on the move, we once again sleep in our own bed.

I am of two minds about travel. I love to see new places, tour famous sites, meet people, sample local cuisine, and stay in one locale long enough to hang out with the locals.

I also like being home.

I guess I did not get enough of the travel bug out of me when younger. Nowadays teens and twenty-somethings haul a knapsack around the world. The kids keep moving for days, weeks, and months with no ill effects. Not me. Or hub. We need our down time, our rest time, our simply hanging out time. Otherwise we end up with a variety of physical ailments, which in their own way are telling us, “Enough!”

Staying several days in a house or apartment, whether an Airbnb rental, house exchange or a place secured by other means, partially makes up for constant on-the-move activity. We can relax in a way impossible in a hotel room. A kitchen allows us to relish leisurely breakfasts, cook dinners, put our feet up and unwind. Do-it-yourself fare saves money and is healthier than copious dine-out meals. No matter how careful we try to be, hidden calories and ingredients, too much salt and sugar play havoc with our weight (I initially wrote waists, but neither of us has one anymore. Ours disappeared years ago), blood pressure and general health.

So now we are home, catching up on mail, bills and shows missed (if you are not already hooked on This is Us, watch it!), washing two suitcases full of dirty laundry, and restocking the refrigerator.

We have a couple of days of R&R before reviving our home life – organization meetings, doctors appointments, yard work (spring has sprung!), house repairs…I think I will start planning our next trip.