Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Fitness Vacation, Sort of

Use it or lose it, the saying goes. That is exactly what hub and I are doing, experiencing a four day physical fitness walkathon. Anyone can do it, but I warn you - it is NOT cheap. The word I would use is: costly.

We are in a place with a moderate climate this time of year, hovering in the mid-70s during the day. Cool in the morning and again in the evening, but not cold or uncomfortable.

Flat terrain everywhere, walking is easy, relatively speaking. No inclines or steep grades, with few steps. Wide paved walkways accommodate large numbers of people.

Restrooms, restaurants, recreational activities and snack bars line the route.

By mid day the place is packed. Walking in a straight line proves almost impossible. Weaving around folks large and small, numerous strollers and motorized scooters make maneuvering forward tricky. 

Colorful displays line pathways.

People watch as parades pass. We observe the crowd, infants to nonagenarians, men and women babbling in many tongues.

Early morning until nighttime, we keep moving on.

Can you guess where we are?

Disney World.

With the kids.

We sit during rides and shows, but too soon are up and walking again. Fast Pass ensures we do not stand on too many lines for long periods of time, but keep plodding forward. Enter one area, zig zag through a series of roped lines, then eagerly enter another area - only to continue walking through long passageways until finally reaching the ride or theater. 

Standing still for long periods of time is worse than walking, and we do some of that too. Waiting, walking, waiting, walking.

But we are having fun. Disney World is a magical place. Exhausted at the end of each day, we massage sore feet and quickly fall asleep before beginning the scenario again the next day. Four times, four parks, ten people on the go.

Once our Disney adventure ends, hub and I drive home. I am looking forward to sitting in the car, resting my weary body, horsepower providing the action.


  1. I love it except for the crowds.

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