Thursday, February 2, 2017

Savoring the Cuisine of Foodtopia City

Walking around a city, meandering in and out of restaurants, enjoying a plate at each stop is a favorite way to spend time in and learn about a new city. Looking forward to trying new foods and unusual dishes, hub and I put diets aside for a day and signed up for Eating Asheville

Asheville NC is known for, among other things, its food scene, the city dubbed Foodtopia by locals, travel magazines and food devotees. Restaurants source as much food as possible locally. Vegetarian and vegan options abound. Farmers markets offer a wide variety of produce three seasons of the year. Approximately 40 breweries produce over 100 beers that patrons can enjoy. Not all at once, I hope...

Hub and I joined ten other food enthusiasts on the Eating Asheville tour, encompassing two and a half hours, seven restaurants, seven dishes, champagne, wine, and sangria. 

The Eating Asheville advertisement warned participants would stroll about two and a half miles over the course of the tour, but the length varies depending on the restaurants on the tour on a particular day. We walked a little over a mile. Not much exercise, but all that tasting and drinking took a lot of energy, and less walking allowed more time to savor the food and drinks. We were exhausted by the end of the sixth restaurant, but managed to complete our tastings at stop number seven. I was not going to forego chocolate! 

Sometimes words do not do justice to a physical object, and that especially applies to food, in my opinion. Rather than wax poetic (something I cannot do anyway) describing the food, some of the dishes sampled are pictured below for your drooling pleasure.
The large store, in the heart of downtown Asheville, stocks thousands of used books.
While browsing and reading, patrons can enjoy beverages and light bites.
We savored a glass of bubbly and a couple of appetizers.
The champagne bar and bookstore.
We enjoyed two Italian dishes at two restaurants. Pictured above a classic Bolognese
Dish with pasta, meat sauce, cheese, and greens peeking out at the bottom of the dish.
Risotto Restaurant
Pork spring roll with a mango sauce and a side of Sangria at Zambra Tapas and Wine Bar.

Cheese ravioli and wine at Strada.
Gourmet chips with a chocolate and caramel sauce.
No tasting tour would be complete without chocolate!


  1. Oh dear, I would have gotten stuck at your first stop as I love used book stores, or any book store for that matter. Sounds like an interesting tour and food looks delicious.

  2. I did not know that about Ashville!

  3. I didn't know about Foodtopia, either. Love the pictures of food. You remind me that I'm hungry. See you later! :-)