Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 Color of the Year

I see green.

Soon everyone will be seeing green, not only outdoors as spring approaches, but indoors as well.

The color green – more specifically the color christened ‘greenery’, Pantone color number 15-0343 – is the 2017 Color of the Year.

Every year the Pantone Company selects a color that, in the company’s words, is-

a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.

Never hear of Pantone? Headquartered in my home state of New Jersey, the company acts as the world’s – or at least the country’s - coordinator of color, matching colors from various manufacturers to ensure exact matches.

Choosing a color of the year is a serious undertaking. Pantone sponsors a conference and gathers professionals from various companies and countries. The meetings are held in a different European city each year.

It is with humility and genuine commitment that I offer my services to help choose the 2018 Color of the Year. I believe, because of my extensive experience reading, writing, communicating with individuals around the world, tapping into the mood of the people, as well as experience choosing colors for artwork, homes, and clothing, my input would be meaningful. And I love to travel. Give me a heads up and I will begin taking notes for the conference. But moving on…

Personally, I find greenery boring. If the company bothered asking me, I would probably have recommended a shade of red, reflecting my recent emotions of anger and frustration. Or perhaps a blue hue, since following the frenetic 2016 election I definitely feel the blues.

But green it is. And maybe boring, uninteresting, unexciting is what the company sought in this year’s choice. The color greenery, a yellow-green worthy of neutrality, oozes calm and, anticipating spring green, new beginnings.

Stores will soon advertise spring merchandise. Greenery will be everywhere. I must admit it is better than some choices of previous years, such as 2006’s sand dollar (boring beige).

I have a feeling my relationship with the 2017 Color of the Year will mostly involve observing greenery outside. Although spring is not quite around the corner, I cannot wait.