Thursday, November 17, 2016

Spending Time With the Future

Future leaders, teachers, scientists, Moms, Dads, even a mermaid fairy.

Hub and I returned home following a long weekend with the Florida grandkids. Long because it lasted four days, and long because the kids wear out Grandma and Grandpa.

Hub and I ventured south the fastest way (usually), a 2 1/2 hour plane ride if everything goes right. When researching flights it always seems a good idea, when discussing alternatives in the comfort of our home long before departure dates, to book an early morning flight. But when the time comes to set the alarm and prepare for early morning activity, we have second thoughts as our bodies begin rejecting the idea.

Originally planning to fly home Monday afternoon, we outsmarted ourselves. Monday flights were unusually expensive, no idea why. We booked our flight south and decided to wait before scheduling our flight home. Prices sometimes decrease as take-off day approaches.

This time, however, prices soared as the day we hoped to travel home approached. The Monday flight listed at $250 per person. The Tuesday morning price: $85 - total cost for both of us. We booked the cheaper, early morning, one day later flight.

Home now, we recover before our travels begin anew. Meanwhile pictures summarize Grandma and Grandpa's weekend with the youngest generation.
We met the newest member of the family,
Teddy Bear (yes, that is his name),
10 weeks old.
Halloween costumes were modeled.
We attended our granddaughter's
cheerleading Showcase.
She is the one elevated in the center, holding the hands of
two teammates held high.

All dressed for a princess birthday party.
Coffee time!


  1. I know about that wearing out thing...and then the missing them.

  2. Love the costumes, especially the princess. Glad you're home safe and sound. :-)