Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Spending Time With the Future Part 2

Less than a week after spending time with the Florida grandkids, hub and I drove to Vermont to visit our other grandkids.

We briefly checked the weather report before packing. Temperatures in the forties/fifties, possible flurries. Nothing to be concerned about.

We should have known better. Driving north the temperature dropped steadily from the high forties to the low forties. Soon it was below 40, then the car thermometer informed us that outside the vehicle's heated environs the temperature registered mid-30s. The wind howled. Then the precipitation began, a little rain turning to snow flurries. By the time we arrived at our destination roads were snow covered and snow continued falling silently, relentlessly.

The following morning fresh white stuff covered the landscape. The temperature ranged in the mid-30s.

Hub and I have warm gloves, snowshoes, boots, wool sweaters, winter jackets safely stored in the closet at home, hundreds of miles away. I thought about our winter wardrobe while donning my lightweight sweater and jacket.

But hub and I withstood the cold while bonding with the youngest generation before driving on to Boston for turkey, tofurkey and additional delicious dishes.
There was serious arts and crafts at the library...
Gym time...
Outdoor in the first snow of the season fun time...
Grandpa training a future engineer.
Adult time at a Bernie Sanders talk. I received a copy of his book, "Our Revolution."

And now...on to Boston.


  1. Great fun. My daughter and her husband drove to Connecticut for thanksgiving. Not quite as cold, but cold enough.