Wednesday, October 19, 2016

An Autumn Respite

Fall is a time of transformation. Leaves change color and for a short time enchant, then abruptly drop and cover the ground. Temperatures vary widely, one day warm and sunny followed by cold, wet, gray days. Daylight diminishes. I awake in darkness and dusk swoops in earlier every evening.

Our bikes patiently waited for us over the long spring, summer and fall, standing in a corner of the garage, dusty, confused and anxious for action. Where were riders? We have been negligent this summer and fall, ignoring perfect weather as life interrupts.

A couple of unusually warm - 80 degrees - days beckoned hub and I outdoors and away from everyday distractions. We walked along the boardwalk one day and cycled farther afield the second day. Here are some pictures of our autumn respite.

The fishing pier - and the Atlantic Ocean. 
Our town beach.
(Dogs are not allowed on the beach during the summer, and officially
any time. But off-season dogs rule!)
The Boardwalk, perfect for walking, cycling,
or simply sitting and enjoying the beautiful day.
And of course the best part of a day outdoors - ice cream!
Non-fat - both the ice cream and the hot fudge.
 I don't want to know what is in the concoction. It tastes wonderful!