Sunday, September 18, 2016

Where in the World Would I Go?

I usually pass over the countless quizzes confronting me as I peruse Facebook, but one quiz recently caught my eye.

Titled If Trump is Elected, Where Should You Move?, the nineteen questions narrow down the 150+ countries in the world to the one that suits an individual perfectly.

The questions do not cover what I consider important considerations like climate, cost of living, or whether or not a person speaks the language, but include a variety of philosophical and political concerns, such as diversity and government intervention.

Where, according to the survey, should I move should Trump be elected President?


Not a bad choice, although I have not visited the country. It is on my bucket list. I speak a little Spanish. I love the food. I can order meals at a restaurant, buy food in a grocery store, and ask directions. I may not understand the directions given, but with immersion in the country and language that might come eventually too.

Hub took the quiz also. The country recommended for him after January, 2017, should Trump be elected President?


Hub faces a number of problems with Japan. He does not speak one word of Japanese. The cost of living is high. He is not fond of sitting or lying on the floor, and when he gets down, has trouble getting up again. He likes Japanese food, but doubts he will enjoy the cuisine three meals a day, everyday.

Should we become ex-pats we will not see our families frequently, but mine will probably visit and stay a while, knowing how fond they are of Trump.

If hub moves to Japan and I relocate to Spain, we will not see each other very often since the countries are on opposite sides of the world. Transportation costs would be exorbitant.

I invited him to move to Spain with me, and he is considering the possibility. He may not be as happy as if he ventured to Japan, but we would be together. The cost of living is reasonable and the climate, food, and accommodations probably to our liking.

I am not sure we would sell our house or rent it while gone. Who knows what will happen by 2020? We might want to return home and celebrate, or not, depending how much damage four Trump years does to the country.

Should you wish to contemplate alternative places to live after November 8, the quiz is here.

Meanwhile I am going to begin brushing up on my Spanish.