Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Best of Boomers Wander Down Memory Lane

As the end of summer nears we cram in as many activities as possible, realizing the weather soon turns cool and long hours of daylight diminish. Shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops are thrown aside for pants, long-sleeve shirts and shoes, our toes not enjoying sunlight again for months. Of course there are folks basking in warmth all year round, and admit I am a wee bit jealous. But I do look forward to seasonal changes.

Change is an ongoing part of life. Some changes we look forward to, others not so much. Summer's end conjures nostalgic thoughts for this week's boomers. I visited my old hometown, Lancaster PA, home for over 35 years, and marveled at the changes occurring since hub and I left town.

This week on the Sightings Over Sixty blog, Tom Sightings reflects back to the 1960s and '70s to remember ... well, see if you can figure out who he talking about, over at Remember Her? 

Laura Lee over at The Adventures of the NEW Old Farts decided to share her mother's story this week. Her Mom is a great example of what traditional womanhood looked like in the 1950's and 60s.

When the world gets to be too much, Carol Cassara says she goes into "nostalgia-mode." Over at Heart-Mind-Soul, she ponders the idea of a more innocent time.

And in a different post, she asks if nostalgia has a taste.

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, has fun writing about her garden with top zucchini recipes.
But, as often happens, even during the summer, interesting consumer stories crop up such as: Are you paying too much for your checking account and are you or your kids having trouble getting your student loan tied to your income?

Sometimes we repeat past experiences, not necessarily because we loved the experience but because circumstances demand it. This past week I found myself Once Again in the Back of a Spirit Airbus.

I am home now temporarily, hosting a houseful of relatives savoring their last fill of beach life. 

Soon the weather grows cold, the water temperature plunges, and the beach empties. I look forward to the quiet time. I might look back with nostalgia on the hectic summer time...but I doubt it.

Happy summer. Robison and others are sweating in the hot summer weather, an unusual occurrence in the Seattle area. 

I realize summer is not over astronomically speaking, but tradition tells us true summer ends Labor Day. Enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer.


  1. Can August be almost ready to turn to September! Shocking. I will check a few of the links you mention in this post as I enjoy hearing about the hijinks of other retirees.

  2. I am not as acutely aware of the seasons changing here in Southern California as when I lived in the Great Lakes Midwest -- colorful fall my favorite season there. Having someone going off to school was also a signal summer was ending, but those years are in the past. I guess I'll have to count on the calendar to remind me of the time of year -- or read your blog.

    1. I am in Canada and the leaves are already changing - too soon for me!

  3. My husband seems grim when he counts down to Labor Day, as if 3 feet of snow were going to fall the next day. In fact, September is usually beautiful here in Minnesota, and most of October can be lovely, too. So I try to stay optimistic, but in my heart in KNOW that November will be cold, dark, and windy. Here's to a beautiful autumn!

    1. September is also a beautiful month at the Jersey shore - water temperature still warm, crowds gone, lots of sunny warm days. I don't think about November!