Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ten Reasons I Love My Walkable Community

As baby boomers retire, articles appear listing best places to live one’s golden years. Hub and I enjoy our current hometown and may stay, but may not.

One of the major reasons we like living in our coastal New Jersey island is its walkability, and close proximity to amenities. Within walking distance are a Rite Aid, three pizza places, hardware store, a cleaners, small grocery store with a fabulous meat and deli department, a take-out Chinese joint, five sit-down restaurants, two breakfast and lunch cafes, the municipal building, library and community center, plus several other retail stores and businesses. And the jewel of our town – the boardwalk and beach.

We love walking (and riding bikes)
around our community because We –

* Get fresh air and exercise.

* Meet and greet neighbors and visitors (a summer resort, visitors swarm all over during the season).

* Feel less guilty eating, especially high-calorie foods. We walked today! (or rode bikes!) We used up calories! We got exercise! Let’s eat!

* Help save the environment.

* Save money on gas and less frequent car repairs.

* Walk or ride bikes to the doctor, dentist, bank, post office, a coffee shop, an ice cream parlor…

* Enjoy our library and community center – about a four-block walk - offering a variety of programs year-round, including movies, music performances, discussion groups, and art and exercise classes.

* Boast one of the best bagel stores anywhere. Actually this is not necessarily a positive, my waistline attesting to that fact.

* (Almost) effortlessly walk or ride around town because the terrain is flat and senior-friendly.

* Are able to travel to ‘the big city’ (Philadelphia or New York) on public transportation at a reasonable cost. We can also drive if we choose to experience the hassle of traffic, tolls, and parking fees.

Of course there are negatives to living in our town – the number one by far (local surveys attest to this fact) high property taxes.

No place is perfect. We love living here now, but are open to future possibilities. Any ideas? 


  1. Walkability was a major concern for me in my move last fall. It has always been important to me but I did give it up for love for a while.

    1. Sometimes circumstances do not align...I think as we get older walking becomes more important. A lot of other types of exercise are too difficult as we age.

  2. I walk and ride the bus here in Bellingham. I love the transportation options, but I gave away my bicycle because of living in a second-floor apartment and hauling it up and down the stairs was a real hassle. :-)

    1. I hear you. For a short time we were on a second floor and did not haul tbikes upstairs, leaving them locked outside and hoping no one stole them.

  3. We retired to the south, not a walkable area, we're out in the country. Love the quiet, access to the river and good neighbors.

  4. Although our neighborhood is friendly and safe, it is a long walk to the grocery store and library so we usually drive. I really wish we could safely ride our bikes but there is too much competition with cars (and they tend to win). We've talked about relocating to a smaller town but it would be hard to match our year-round lovely weather.

  5. Walkable is good.

  6. Sounds like a great place. You have to enlighten us. What town are you in?