Tuesday, July 12, 2016

10 Excuses for Missing Exercise Class

Numerous articles appear in newspapers and magazines, on websites and blogs about the importance of exercising, different types of exercise, the latest exercise fads…the list goes on and on.

No articles–at least none that I have seen–about the art of missing classes. We all do it. Or most of us do. Olympic athletes and super jocks aside, there are times most of us, or some of us, simply do not want to sweat and exert ourselves. We make excuses for NOT exercising.

What if an individual is not creative enough to formulate his or her own excuses?

There was no help. Until now.

I have lots of experience missing exercise class, and amassed a plethora of reasons why. The vast majority are weak excuses, I humbly admit, but justifications nevertheless.

A feeling of guilt emerges when attempting to wear an outfit that does not fit as well as in the past. Because of inconsistent workouts, unwanted bulges suddenly appear. Once acquired they become difficult, if not impossible, to lose, forever glued to waist, hip, or another part of my body now ampler and squishier than before. Yet I remain an erratic exerciser. I try for consistency but am weak, with not enough willpower, motivation, endurance, energy, whatever, to maintain a rigid schedule.

Over the years I concocted an assortment of excuses for foregoing exercise at the gym or anywhere else. In case you seek reasons to avoid the hard work, feel free to use one or more of mine.

In no special order, here are 10 Excuses for Missing Exercise Class. Need more? Let me know and I will be happy to provide additional suggestions.
  1.      I need the extra time to clean the house. Company is coming. 
  2.      I cannot abandon my company. 
  3.      My alarm did not go off and I missed my early morning class. The rest of the day is tightly programmed, so no exercise this particular day. 
  4.      It is too cold and dark to venture out so early in the morning (obviously a seasonal excuse). Or hot (although the gym is air conditioned, it gets warmer and more uncomfortable inside as the temperature and humidity outside rises). Or severe rainstorms. Or any weather event offering a pretext to stay home. 
  5.      I forgot to do laundry and have no clean exercise clothes. 
  6.      I am too tired and sore from over-exercising yesterday/the day before yesterday/three days ago. 
  7.      I am traveling, so cannot attend class. Much as I should work out while away, there is not enough space in my hotel/motel/airbnb/family quarters. 
  8.      I have an early appointment/meeting and, if exercising, would not have time to shower and change. 
  9.      It is a holiday, the gym is closed, and I might as well take the day off too. 
  10.      I stayed up late the night before watching a great movie/attending a meeting/going out with friends and need the extra sleep before tackling the day.

 And so it goes, one step forward then two steps back, another step forward followed by a period of no measurable success (weight loss? inches lost? improved stamina? stronger yoga pose?)…My workout life!

To those quiet souls out there who do not want to exercise and need reasons not to, I hear you. We are a new silent minority.