Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What Happened to May?

I am not a fan of cold weather, never was, and my intolerance grows as I age. Spring is eagerly anticipated. Although spring has been around for a few weeks, scientifically speaking, real spring - the season of blooming flowers and trees, greenery, short sleeved shirts and bare feet, failed to arrive as March ended and April came and went. A couple of warm days enticed and flowers peeked above the brown earth, but these were teasers.

It was with much anticipation, therefore, that I looked forward to the month of May. The weather had to improve.

I celebrated the month's arrival in Vermont, visiting son and family, arriving on a cold, rainy day. Walking around the next day the following greeted me:

Sunday morning I awoke to a cold, dreary landscape, dressed in jeans, warm socks, long sleeved shirt, sweater and jacket, then drove to the family's morning activity - a kids' run and 10k run. My granddaughter participated in the kids' run, and son Jason came in second in the 10k run. Here is a picture of the two of them before the kids' run.
Note my granddaughter's winter jacket and hat - on May 1.

On the drive home to a warmer clime, we detoured to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and met cousins for lunch at the famous Red Lion Inn. Dating from the 1700s, the place is full of antiques, pictures of famous customers, large, comfortable upholstered chairs and couches. Uneven floorboards attest to the age of the building. On the way to the tavern we passed the following sign:
At Alice's Restaurant you could get anything you wanted.
The Stockbridge Cafe offers a menu with a lot of dishes - but does not offer anything you want!

The month of May brings promise of good things to come.
Real spring is almost here - just around the corner -  maybe tomorrow...


  1. Ack! I am heading back to VT next Tuesday. I am hoping the weather turns in a week's time.

    1. The weather is supposed to get warmer (by Vermont standards). I think you will still need your sweater and jacket! Have a good trip north.

  2. I'll be visiting Vermont in June... I certainly hope it warms up by then! I hope may brings you the lovely weather you crave; I know the weather back east has been pretty crazy the last few months.

  3. We have been having way too -)warm weather here on the west coast. Everything seems a little screwy weather wise. Brrr! :

  4. Meryl, you have me trembling with anticipation for the warmer weather. Next week, I hear.