Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring Pastimes

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.
- Marcus Tullius Cicero

I am sitting in my family room, sweater on. Temperatures the first part of May averaged eight degrees below normal. Six of the first 11 days of the month the thermometer did not reach 60 degrees.

Computer on my lap, I stare out the window at cloudy skies. As of May 11th my town enjoyed 154 hours of daylight. Unfortunately only 21 of those hours basked in sunlight. The remainder of the time – 133 hours – gray clouds and rainy skies prevailed. Mathematically speaking that means grayness ruled 85% of the time. And the dreary streak stretched back to the last four days of April.

Anybody NOT feeling depressed?

Yesterday we got a reprieve, a beautiful sunny day. A trip to a nearby nursery and three bushes and a dozen flowers later I was digging in the yard for the first time this season.

A new azalea brightens my yard.
Weeds began proliferating weeks ago. Out they came, along with overgrown undergrowth. Flowers planted, watered and fertilized (organic nourishment only), the perennial bushes positioned strategically in barren places, exhaustion and a sense of accomplishment overwhelmed me.

I am not used to manual labor!

This morning gray skies again welcomed me. Additional gardening delayed.

A couple of magazines and a book lie on the table next to me. I look forward to a relaxing interlude, no manual labor necessary.

Yet an annoying sensation troubles, nagging me to get back to work. My bedroom beckons. Time to banish winter wear. Cannot see my closet floor, but it is somewhere under piles of stuff.

I studiously ignored the second floor of my house over the winter, unneeded territory. But as time nears when company crosses the threshold, it is imperative I traipse upstairs and check things out. I have a habit of unloading stuff on the upper floor to deal with later – papers, magazines and books, toys, household and office supplies…

Later is almost here. My house commands: Pay attention to me, take care of me, declutter me, clean me.

But first that book sitting silently next to me demands time… 


  1. Spring cleaning is nagging a me. And I just did that! The joys of double home ownership when I am not wealthy enough to hire the house whisperer.

  2. I also have been putting off cleaning out my closet, but I pretty much wear the same things summer or winter around here. There are lots of things in there I never wear any more, though. Time to declutter! :-)

  3. The sun is out this morning and the day is warmer. Hope it gets up your way soon.

  4. I so know the feeling of off-loading stuff to an unused room - then having to clean up that room to make way for guests. Good luck! But, enjoy that book first, you'll need your strength.

  5. Cicero was so right. Life doesn't get any better than the library and a garden - no matter how scraggly.

  6. "No Manual Labor" has become my motto in retirement. My conscience is okay with that. Unfortunately, B is not.

  7. About to have an empty nest - the entire second floor of my home is going to be a catch-all, I suspect. Now the question is.. do we downsize?... Hmmm..... and thanks for your comment today - YES, I must do the exercise regularly deal, you're right.. it helps.