Monday, April 4, 2016

This Week’s Boomers Consider Life’s Unpredictability, Cure a Cold and Enjoy Spring

The end of March is said to go out like a lamb, but one particular March I experienced a very different scenario. The nightmare began Wednesday, March 28, 1979. Not a significant date for most people, but folks living in eastern Pennsylvania remember when the Unit 2 nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island partially melted. TMI is etched in our minds. On this year's anniversary of the catastrophe I wrote about my recollections of TMI.

It is not only major events locally or domestically that catch our attention. Nowadays incidents in every part of the world can impact our lives. Although Carol Cassara wrote Why we booked a trip to France in January with the awful attacks in Paris in mind, it is relevant today as so many people are concerned with travel to Europe.  

And along those same lines, Carol offers a meditation to help us handle the terrible abundant anxieties in our 21st century world.  

No matter what is going on around us, sometimes we must deal with ordinary, everyday troubles. Tom Sightings tells us that he came down with a cold this past week. His suffering has not been in vain, because as he reports in this week's post, he was able to crawl out of bed and find A Cure for the Common Cold.

Most of us dream of getting away from a hectic lifestyle, relocating to a quieter place and living a simpler life. Few of us do it. Laura Lee Carter of Adventures of the New Old Farts did. She moved to the Colorado countryside and continues to attempt to find a way to describe to city folks how living in a rural area changes you. This week she presents her take on: Morning in "Be-Here-Now" Land.

Rita R. Robison, blogging at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, paused in her hectic schedule to enjoy spring flowers. She took a trip up north to see her sister in Bellingham, Washington. On the way, she and her sister stopped to enjoy the beautiful tulip fields in Skagit County. See one of her photos in her article, “Happy April Fools’ Day.” Although she was traveling most of the week, Robison also wrote about two fake cancer charities closing down, and the best and worst things to buy in April – sign up for a cruise, but don’t buy grills and patio furniture, for example.

Enjoy the onset on spring, at least in some parts of the country. Here in south Jersey it is cold and windy, the temperatures not supposed to rise above the 50s (30s at night) until next week. 

And please take a few minutes from your busy schedule to stop by the boomers and say ‘hi!’.

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