Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Not one to toot my horn – usually – most of the time, I admit I am doing just that. Not just for me, but for the other women with whom I share this particular honor.

One of my blog posts – Up Close and Personal With My Nose – is featured in the anthology Feisty After 45: The Best Blogs From Midlife Women, a book of humorous and not so humorous articles by 45 women in the throes of midlife. Elaine Ambrose edited the book. FYI – the book is available on Amazon in paperback or kindle version.

Although I may technically no longer be in my midlife years, I accept the description. The online Free Dictionary defines midlife as, “the period of life between about 40 and 60.”

If not actually within those defined decades currently (I confess I am not), it was not too long ago, so the important thing is that I remember.

I do not remember much about happenings during my early childhood, elementary school years and later events occurring ages ago, but I can conjure specific incidents and people encountered during my midlife years. Not everything, but a lot of stuff. If I do not write about the episodes and issues now, the memories most likely will disappear, or at least be watered down, neutralized, altered by my mind.

Nowhere in the book (and I carefully looked) does it say anything about the age at which being feisty after 45 morphs into something else.

And what else would it transform into, you might be wondering…

I have been giving that a lot of thought. I am not sure, but came up with some ideas for Feisty After 45 graduates, titles like:

Pooped Past 60
The CRS (can’t remember sh*t) Years
Always Short, Now Shorter and Shrinking
Fifties are Fine but the Sixties are Sensational (think positive!)

So here I am, a Feisty After 45 contributor/author/woman of a certain age, sitting on the couch, dressed in an inelegant ensemble of sweat pants and sweatshirt, computer precariously perched on my lap as the writing goes on  - hopefully for a long time.

My blogger buddy Tom Sightings at Sightings Over 60 did a great job this week discussing a topic we all wrestle with, or at least occasionally think about - Do We Really Want Change? Read about change from his perspective, along with ideas from other Boomer Bloggers here.